16 bougie products under $100 that will make you feel fancy as heck.

I very recently stumbled upon L’Occitane’s cult Almond Shower Oil ($39) - and holy mother of shower oils, am I converted. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would willingly spend more than $10 on a product that I would use to only wash away in five minutes time, but I am happy to admit (for once) that I was wrong. 

Paired with their Almond Shower Scrub ($35), this duo makes you feel like you’ve just left one of those classy day spas.

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There have been different occasions where I’ve spent some big bucks on one product, but you know what? Fifty per cent of the time, they weren’t that great. Luxury doesn’t just relate to the price tag… it’s about how it makes YOU feel.

And while I’m a big advocate of spending your hard-earned cash on whatever you want, the reality is - sometimes that’s not always possible. 

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So, I threw it out to our You Beauty Facebook group, and asked them to share their fave products that make them feel extra spesh - without breaking the bank. Here's what they said.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser, $32.

"I LOVE the Glow Recipe moisturiser. Since using this, my skin feels amazing and gives a dewy finish morning and night. It smells amazing, and I love the way the packaging looks, too. The product itself just feels so luxe. My face thanks me for it every day." - Courtney.

Image: Mecca  


Original Frank Body Scrub, $16.95.

"Have you ever felt your skin after using this scrub? It’s like a baby’s bottom. I love the way my skin feels after using this – it’s like I’ve just had a treatment at the spa!" - Estelle.

Image: Cult Beauty  

Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede Bath Oil, $90.

"It’s slightly bougie, but I had a wedding eve bath with the bath oil and wore the matching scent on my wedding day. The bottle lasted me around a year, and is really luxurious in feeling and scent. It’s nostalgic, and a bonus is how long your bathroom smells like this after your bath! So, for me it’s worth it." - Jessica.


Image: Mecca  

Dove Body Wash Triple Moisturising 1L, $9.99.

"As an everyday body wash, Dove is so creamy with just enough lather. The smell is divine and makes your skin feel so soft after rinsing and drying. A little goes a long way too, which is perfect for the amount of time I use this every week." - Sue.

Image: Chemist Warehouse  

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $28.

"The mask is super nourishing and keeps my lips hydrated whilst I sleep. Without fail I’ll wake up with super smooth, soft lips in the morning. I mean - it’s a sleeping mask for your lips! You can’t get more bougie than that! Packaging is super cute, it smells delish, and it’s packed with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. A little goes a long way, too - great bang for your buck." - Jacqui.


Image: Makeup Alley  

Endota Spa Signature Blend Oil, $26.

"Any time I visit an Endota Spa, I absolutely love the smell. It means good things are about to happen! Whether it’s a facial or a massage, I’m instantly happy. So, I bought their signature oil and diffuse this around my house to make me feel like I’m back there." - Kirsten.

Image: Endota  


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, $40.

"Aesop’s handwash feels like such a luxe product that smells expensive and looks super stylish on the benchtop." - Tahlia.

Image: Adore Beauty  

Ipsum Lip Oil Balm, $26.

"My favourite bougie product without the price tag has to be Ipsum Lip OIl Balm – which also happens to be Kim Kardashian’s fave! Say no more. It’s a miracle worker. But most of all, I love the little pot and pretty pink rosy colour - so luxe!" - Susie.

Image: Ipsum  


Drunk Elephant B Hydration Serum, $73.

"I looove this. It instantly plumps and hydrates, and your skin just looks so youthful. I started using a number of serums while I was using this and didn't realise it was this serum that was making the difference until I switched to a cheaper alternative. My skin without it didn't feel as plump, hydrated and really lacked lustre. It’s hard for me to explain the benefits until I compared it to others. IT’S A MUST HAVE if you want to feel extra spesh in your skin!" - Marcelle.

Image: Mecca  

Aesop Mandarin Hydrating Cream, $55.

"Aesop’s Mandarin Hydrating Cream is so lush after a shower and smells divine. Anything Aesop really, makes me feel so special. Seeing their handwash in a bathroom is always a sign of good taste." - Pia.

Image: Mr Porter  


Leif Wild Rosella Body Cleanser, $39.

"Anything by Leif feels amazing and beautiful. I love their body washes and soaps! The scents are all amazing and leave my body feeling so fresh and hydrated after a hot shower." - Ellie.

Image: The Depot and Co  

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream, $68.

"This is one of the few products that I’ve used that makes me look forward to moisturising every day. The Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream feels beautiful, and when I use it overnight, my skin still feels amazing. Also, the smell is gorgeous!" - Kathleen.

Image: Mecca  


ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, $74.40.

"This is a wonderful scalp treatment. It leaves my hair feeling so soft like I’ve just had a salon experience." - Susan.

Image: ESPA  

Jurlique Activating Water Essence+, $79.

"A completely unnecessary purchase, but this is just so lovely to splash on my face after a shower. It makes me feel all glowy and relaxed - a beauty spa visit in a bottle." - Emily-Kate.

Image: Jurlique  


Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, $34.95.

"I love the Eco Tan Himalayan Salt Scrub. For less than $40, you put it on before you get in the shower and it leaves you feeling like you’ve shed your skin. Hello, silky legs!" - Hayley.

Image: Myer  

Marvis Italian Toothpaste, $13.95.

"It's got to be Italian toothpaste - specifically Marvis’ Black Forest flavour, but I also love the Jasmine Mint. There are so many other flavours, and it turns the teeth brushing ritual into such a luxury." - Adele.

Image: RY  


Have you tried any of these products before? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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