The hair transformations that got us talking this year.

Images: Getty, Instagram.

2015 has been a colourful, surprising year… and we’re not referring to global politics here.

On the hair front, we’ve seen everything from rainbow shades and undercuts to modern interpretations of classic cuts and colours (hello, “bronde” and “ronze“).

Naturally, the celebrities of the world have been leading the charge, so we’ve decided to look back on the chops and dye jobs that surprised, inspired and bemused us. Starting with…

Kate Middleton

For a member of the Royal Family, K-Middy was rather adventurous on the hair front. Not as adventurous as Nicole Richie, say, but the Duchess still managed to hit a trifecta: a lighter colour, followed by a fringe, and then the chop. It’s not exactly a lob, but it’s close enough. Who knows what 2016 could hold — a buzzcut, perhaps?

L-R: Highlights, fringe, chop. The royal trifecta. (getty)

Lara Worthington

2015 will forever be known as The Year The Bingle Bob Died. A year or so after her flipped-over bob hit certified #hairgoals status, Worthington moved the goalposts once again with a shorter, choppier cut that took us all by surprise. It's still beachy, but it's a little more '90s supermodel (in the best possible way).

The Bingle Bob (L) and Worthington's new hair. (Getty/Instagram)

Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law is no stranger to a big hair change (hello, pixie chop) and in 2015, she once again volunteered as tribute. This time it was all in the colour — eradicating all remaining traces of Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence embraced a creamy platinum blonde with a blunt long bob in October. The whole combination is just painfully cool.

The long golden hair is gone - viva la platinum lob! (Getty)

Jared Leto

Ha! You thought this was an exclusively female list, didn't you? Jared Leto's long mermaid hair was chopped off during the filming of Suicide Squad, leaving the world reeling. Goodbye, glorious man bun. Thankfully, formerly short-haired Matt Damon grew a ponytail, so the balance of the universe has been restored.

All that length, gone in one fell swoop. (Getty/Twitter)


Those are just the tip of the hair transformations ice berg. Click through the gallery below to see other A-list cuts, colours and re-styles that surprised us... and prompted us to call our own hairdressers.