Watch a grandma’s epic takedown of the 2014-15 Australian budget.



How angry are working mothers, little old ladies and academic economists about the budget?

Angry enough to take on a stranger in the street. One group who aren’t fans of the latest federal budget, decided that the best way to gauge the mood on our new budget was to dress a (very game) young man up in suit, slap a “Best Budget Ever” billboard over his shoulders, send him out into the wilds of Melbourne and see what happened next.

The result is pretty hilarious.

That, ladies and gents, is how you protest peacefully. Why can’t all political advertisements be this funny… and honest?

The people featured in the video have even chimed in, with Susan Duffy commenting on YouTube:

Just realised that I’m saying the last words on this video! Didn’t see any cameras – of course I was pretty shocked to see this chubby young man with such a sign in a working class street!

Meanwhile, Heather Forward said:

Might have lost my bottle had I seen this joker on the streets of Melbourne.
I’m an older Australian retiree and I am utterly appalled at what they propose to do to young people, the vulnerable, the sick, and also older people on pensions.
Not to mention cuts to our science and to foreign aid. And sending asylum seekers to Cambodia?

It’s a national disgrace.

For some more serious coverage of the budget, check out our summary of the budget’s biggest winners (and losers), this chart that compares what the Abbott Government promised during the election to what the budget delivered and our five-minute summary of the budget’s most contentious content.

If you’re wondering what might go down at the Bust The Budget protest day that the video is advertising, you can read a first hand account and see photographs of the last big rally, March in May, too.

What do you think of this video? Do people you know have a similar opinion of the budget? Let us know!