22 shades of brown hair to take to your hairdresser this Autumn.

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If the start of summer stirs a widespread desire to go blonde, then the arrival of autumn marks the almost irresistible temptation to join the dark side.

“Summer hair looks very jarring with winter clothes and make up and needs to be more punchy to create a more total look. So autumn is the time to start richening your hair colour by adding more pigment to create shine, and balance the complexion,” says Shari Reynolds, Head Colourist at Barney Martin Hair.

“Blonde has the light, but brunette has the shine — another type of light, reflective moving light that attracts attention.”

The only problem? Choosing just one shade to take to your hairdresser. To help you along we’ve rounded up the 22 hottest options to add to your hit list.

1. Mink

If you want to take the change slowly and start off subtly, look to Mink.

“It’s a mousey, light grey-brown that’s screamingly fashionable in London at the moment. In terms of celebrities, think Taylor Swift,” says Reynolds.

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2. True chestnut

Miranda Kerr, we want your hair NOW... please.

"True chestnut is a universally flattering colour, thanks to a natural warmth of either golden or soft red," says Reynolds.

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3. Dark chocolate

One of ELEVEN Australia co-Creative Director and three-time Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo's picks for Autumn is dark chocolate, a la Victoria Beckham. Watch: How to guarantee a good haircut every time you visit the salon. (Post continues after video.)

"Beckham does dark hair really well, with a slightly warm reflect which is flattering on most people," he says.

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4. Ecaille/Tortoiseshell

C'est tres chic.

"Ecaille or tortoise-shell involves mixing three colours of pale, warm and deep brown through the hair," explains Reynolds.

"It's super chic from Paris. Think Jessica Biel."

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