Editor's Picks: The five bras every woman needs in her life.

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Earlier this year, experts came out saying that we can only fit five or so true friends in our lives at any one time. They’re all we need to give us warm, fuzzy support and love. I’d argue the same can be said for your bra collection.

Your sports bra? It’s your encouraging friend who ensures you’re not bouncing out of control through life. Your T-shirt bra? It’s that reliable mate who’ll ditch plans in a second if you need support. See what I mean?

Here are our picks of the five dependable bras every woman needs stashed in her undies drawer.

1. The Sports Bra.

A 2005 study conducted by the University of Portsmouth found that 72 per cent of women who exercise experience pain in their breasts during physical activity. Ouch. The researchers also recorded the female breast moving up to 21 centimetres during a workout. We have two words for you: potential sagging. If that’s not enough to convince you to select a supportive sports bra, what will?

Editor’s pick: Triumph ‘Triaction Performance’ Underwire sports bra, $59.95.

This bra was designed to meet the requirements of athletes, so you can be sure it’ll keep your breasts stable whatever activity you’re taking on (if it’s just brunch in your activewear – we won’t judge). It minimises bounce brilliantly and even has padded shoulder straps to avoid that dreaded digging into your skin that many other sports bras do. Hallelujah.

Designed to meet the requirements of athletes. Image: supplied.


2. The T-shirt Bra.

It might be the vanilla flavour at the Bra Ice cream Parlour but the humble T-shirt bra is anything but boring. Throw it on under the sheerest of, well, T-shirts and tops, and it won’t scream for attention, cut you off in all the wrong places, or poke through.

Editor’s pick: BENDON Dream Shaper contour t-shirt bra, $54.95.

The beauty about this bra is the fact that it’s got external underwire that’s not sitting directly on your skin. So you get all the support in the world, while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. Plus, the pretty lace trim detailing will make you feel 10 times more glamorous than your average T-shirt bra would.

A dream to wear. Image: supplied.

3. The Minimiser Bra.

More in the domain of large bosomed ladies, minimiser bras work in a couple of different ways - they lift and redistribute your breast tissue to reduce the appearance of your bust.

Editor’s pick: Triumph Lacy Minimiser bra, $59.95.

This beauty’s partially lined cups and wide silky straps give it a luxe feel that can so often be lost once bra sizes go over a C cup. It’ll reduce the appearance of your bust by one cup size and is great for wearing underneath shirts to reduce annoying gaping.


Can reduce your bust appearance by one cup size. Image: supplied.

4. Push-up Bra.

Push up bras are the volumising mascara of the brassiere club. They lift, support and give you that kapow cleavage that definitely wasn’t there before. They can also be ideal for women who feel their cooper’s ligament (that lovely connective tissue in your breast) has stretched. Consider this bra your little confidence booster - we all need one from time to time.

Editor’s Pick: Pleasure State My Fit FMO Lace Push-Up Plunge Bra, $64.95.

Lacy and delicate with some delightful padding and the sort of push-up abilities personal trainers would be jealous of, this deserves a special spot in your bra wardrobe. You can also detach the straps to make the bra work for different tops and dresses.


"This deserves a special spot in your bra wardrobe." Image: supplied.

5. A Wire-free bra.

When I get home from work I immediately strip off my bra and replace it with a wire-free version. They are so. Darn. Comfy. Fun fact: wire-free options can be just as supportive as their underwire sisters.

They’re great for those times in your life where your breast tissue is growing (hello teenagers and expectant mothers), you’re going to be sleeping (while travelling, etc) or you just really love being overly comfortable.

Editor’s pick: PLAYTEX Ultimate Lift & Support wire-free bra, $54.95.

What's so great about this bra is that there are lifting panels built into the sides that provide support but also add shape (no mono-boob to be seen here). Cushioning prevents the straps from digging into your shoulders so you're guaranteed all the benefits of a regular bra with more added comfort.

Support is built-in. Image: supplied.

Which bra do you depend on?