The best books to buy for kids this Christmas.


1. A Curry For Murray by Kate Hunter and Lucia Masciullo

There’s a reason Kate Hunter’s picture book became a mega hit this year – it bewitches adults and children alike. A Curry For Murray is the story of a little girl who becomes a cooking sensation in her community. Kids adore the dishes, which rhyme with the names of Molly’s friends. And the illustrations of each dish that Molly whips up are better than anything Nigella serves. Readers 2-8.

2. The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

Oh I love this book. It’s the hilarious story of the crayons in Duncan’s pencil case that are bored and want to quit. (Red Crayon feels he’s being over-used since Duncan makes him draw fire engines, apples and strawberries all day long). This is a must buy. And take note, the seque, The Day The Crayons Came Back, was released this year! Readers 3-10.

3. Pig The Fibber by Aaron Blabey

That sneaky, smug pug is back in a sequel to the best-selling children’s book Pig The Pug. Blabey’s story is once again laugh-out-loud funny as the selfish pug continues to torment Trevor the Daschund just to get his desserts at the end! Readers 3-10.

4. Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo and Julia Denos

This is a beautiful book that tells the life story of the extraordinary Audrey Hepburn. While the illustrations are gorgeous, it’s a wonderful take of Audrey’s community service that is inspiring for young souls. Readers 10+

5. UGLY by Robert Hoge

It was the memoir that grabbed people’s hearts when it was released in 2013. And this year, journalist and former speechwriter Robert Hoge released the “kid’s version” of his best-selling memoir. Ugly tells the story of what it’s like to grow up “ugly and disabled” in Australia. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, sad, inspiring and powerful. Readers 10+.


6. Loveability by Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell

Find me a teenage girl who couldn’t use some solid big-sister guidance about dating, relationships, finding love and dealing with heartbreak. Loveability is a must-have for every teenage bookshelf thanks to its heartfelt, warm and wise advice.

7. Mosquito Advertising by Kate Hunter

This is Enid Blyton for a new generation. A group of 14-year-olds set up an advertising agency is the childhood tree house in their backyard. Hunter’s novel shines with humour and adventure. Perfect read for kids aged 8-12!

8. Anne of Green Gables by L. M Montgomery

Why not give your child one of the classics? Today there are hard cover copies (with beautiful covers) of every classic children’s story from Anne of Green Gables and Seven Little Australian to Charlotte’s Web and The Secret Garden.

9. After January by Nick Earls

This will always be one of my favourite young adults’ novels. Alex Delaney has finished year 12 and is on his summer holiday. This is a true coming of age story as Alex experiences first love and deals with life after school. Gorgeous read for older teens aged 15+.

What books have your kids read this year? 

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