Here are the 14 best books we've read in 2023.

If I were to pick any word to best describe this year I might lean towards 'anxiety' just off the top of my head.

Thanks to a fairly heavy news cycle I've found myself stepping away from screens in order to protect my space, which has meant delving into fewer TV shows and burying my head in books

The ultimate form of escapism, books have been a comfort and thank goodness there have been some cracking reads this year to hold our hands through it all. 

Check out the best books we've read in 2023.

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Yellowface, R. F. Kuang.

Image: William Morrow & Company

"Just like plenty of others, I was hooked on Yellowface in 2023. While at times this was a really uncomfortable read that addresses racism through the main character, it brought up many important points that are incredibly relevant to today's society," - Lisa.


Ice Breaker, Hannah Grace

Image: Simon & Schuster 


"I JUST finished reading Icebreaker by Hannah Grace. It was fun and silly and spicy and everything I want in an easy read. Escapism at its finest, with a hefty serving of smut. Fab," - Alix.

None Of This Is True, Lisa Jewell.

Image: Atria Books

"GRIPPING!!! Super pacy thriller that I devoured in one sitting. Lisa included so much detail and so many twists meaning that I was hooked the whole time, never really knew where it was going, and have been thinking about it ever since," - Carla.


The Guest, Emma Cline.

Image: Random House

"If you love The White Lotus then this is the book for you. A gorgeous follow-up to Emma Cline's debut novel The Girls, this is a story about a young escort who finds herself navigating a chaotic series of events," - Lisa.


The Other Black Girl, Zakiya Dalila Harris.

Image: Atria Books

"It's just been made into a TV series and for good reason, it has such a gripping storyline and is really emotive and nuanced. I read it in just a few sittings and have recommended it to lots of friends," - Isabella.

Fairy Tale, Stephen King.

Image: Scribner


"It's an epic adventure with strong, courageous characters, an awesome dog and was a real page-turner," - Anj.

The Rachel Incident, Caroline O'Donoghue.  

Image: Knopf Publishing Group


"This doesn't really make sense but the writing felt like the most interesting conversation at a party where everyone is completely engrossed in that one story and can't take their eyes off the narrator, I couldn't put it down. Caroline O'Donoghue is hilarious and honest and her writing is magic," - Morgan.

Spare, Prince Harry.

Image: Penguin Random House


"It was the memoir that had everyone talking this year. It lifted the veil on life behind the walls of Buckingham Palace but it also told a pretty heartbreaking story of a young man who has never really fit in with royal life,"  - Lisa.

Seeing Other People, Diana Reid.

Image: Ultimo Press


"It probably helped that this one was locally based, but Diana Reid has such a way with language. She perfectly portrays how it feels to be in your early 20s and everything she does is amazing," - Carla.

The Book of Goose, Yiyun Li.

Image: Farrar, Straus and Giroux 


"Every now and then a book comes along that shifts my core. Yiyun Li's portrayal of two young girls growing up in provincial France is written so bloody well and I honestly just want to step into her mind for an hour or two. A must-read for anyone a bit tired with the status quo of book releases," - Lisa.

The Murder Rule, Dervla McTiernan.

Image: ‎William Morrow & Company


"I devoured this in two days! It's a crime story that I'm pretty sure has been picked up for a TV show. It's like How To Get Away With Murder in book form. Obsessed,"  - Morgan.

I'm Glad My Mom Died, Jennette McCurdy.

Image: Simon & Schuster

 "If you haven't read this, where have you been all year? A story that gives you a glimpse into the darkness of a glamorous industry,"  - Rachel.

Lessons In Chemistry, Bonnie Garmus.

Image: Doubleday Books; First Edition


"Such a different story that was entertaining, educational and an example of women's strength by giving the middle finger to what's expected. Also any story where a dog has a voice is my heaven,"  - Chelsea. 

The Woman in Me, Britney Spears.

Image: Gallery Books


"This is a non-negotiable for anyone who loves pop culture. It was never going to be the most technically astute memoir but you don't need elegant prose when you've got Britney pouring her heart out and lifting the lid on the insidious sides of showbiz. I recommend listening to the audiobook narrated by Academy Award nominee, Michelle Williams," - Lisa.

What's been your favourite book of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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