The best bob hairstyles; 6 ways to rock a bob haircut.

A bob haircut is the perfect low-maintenance ‘do. It works well for ladies with thin hair, faking the illusion of more locks and it meets the brief for cool and casual as well as sophisticated and elegant.

A bob haircut can work on many different face shapes; it’s all about getting your stylist to tailor the cut for you.

Here are some of the best bob length haircuts for your inspo.

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This bob is cute without leaving you feeling like a child.  The light balayage colour gives it some and interest while still being easy to care for (and quick to style).


Bob style haircuts are great for those who like a bit more ‘grit’ and texture to their ‘do. Your stylist can add interest to the end of the hair by dry cutting and to style it, all you need is some sea salt spray.


Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Fringes can change your look dramatically and like @theniksters picture above, you can ride the trends. Matching cat optional.

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Bob haircuts work well with deep side-parts, just like Jenna Elfman. You’ve also then got freedom as to how you want to wear your hair and you can easily add accessories like clips or headbands.


Side braids are a great way to funk up a bob cut. They’re also perfect for second (or third, or forth) day hair. Dry shampoo, braid, out the door.