A comprehensive list of the best Women's Weekly birthday cakes from the good old days.

If you’re among the millions of Aussie kids who were treated to their very own Women’s Weekly birthday cake, count yourself very lucky.

Passed down through generations, the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book was, to some, a bible. Or, depending on your baking abilities, a nightmare.

From castles and footy fields, to ducks made with actual chips, join us as the internet remembers the weird and wonderful cakes that made many a child the coolest kid in school.

Without a doubt, the most memorable Women’s Weekly cake going round was the choo choo train. But what about the poor mums who had to make them?

“I made my son the train one year but modified the colours to look like Thomas the Tank Engine. It was unseasonably warm and I’d done his face with piping gel. One side slipped and it made poor Thomas look like he’d had a stroke. Good times,” wrote one Reddit user.

Another added, “We had the original edition which had a girls’ section (sewing machine, butterfly etc) and a boys’ section (cowboy, soccer ball). But I had a progressive mum who baked me (her youngest daughter) the train for my 4th birthday. I still remember how stoked I was to be able to share those carriages with my mates.”

The Train Cake!

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Back when pink was for girls and blue was for boys, many little girls begged their mums (or dads) to whip up the barbie doll cake. Easier said than done.

“My mother made the doll in a dress one. Except we were abroad and couldn’t find a female doll. So I had a boy doll in a lovely cake dress,” one user remembered.

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And how about the pool cake?

“The pool cake with the blue jelly water! So good. And the Kit Kat fences! Pool safety is important guys,” said another user. So true.



The numbers cakes were always a safe bet. Real crowd pleasers.

“How good was the number one cake?!!! So boss.”


Upping the anti #womensweeklybirthdaycake gone rogue

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Another girlie favourite was the castle cake, for obviously reasons.

One user agreed, saying: “The one I remember most vividly is the fairy tale castle cake that uses frosted ice cream cones for turrets. Because there were only four turrets, and many more little girls than that at the party, Mum told us they were poisonous so we wouldn’t fight over them.”


So. Smart.

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And the butterfly cake!

“My nan made my cousin the butterfly cake for her fifth birthday. That just about broke me.”


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Which was your favourite Women’s Weekly birthday cake?