The top 10 Australian TV shows. Ever.

And yes, we are willing to fight you for number one.

This week saw the much anticipated 30-year anniversary of Aussie drama, ‘Neighbours’. It made us here at Mamamia just a little bit nostalgic of all the great Australian-made TV shows we were obsessed with growing up, and the ones we couldn’t tear ourselves away from in recent years.

Case in point:

How great is Aussie TV?

We’ll be honest. It took a loooong time to narrow this list down, and friendships here have now been lost. But we did it. We somehow reached a consensus in the end.

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Without further comment we present to you the ‘Top 10 BEST television shows to ever come out of Australia’.

Take a trip down memory lane with us…

 10. Secret Life of Us.

9. Heartbreak High.

8. A Country Practice.

7. Prisoner. The original.

6. Kath and Kim.

5. Home and Away.

4. Neighbours.

Do you remember that these people were on Neighbours? No, neither did we. (Post continues after gallery):

3. Young Talent Time.

2. Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

1. Offspring.

Here’s to great home-made TV!

Do you agree with our list of the best Australian TV shows of all time? Totally disagree? Fight for your favourite in the comments below.