The *actual* definitive ranking of Australian chocolates and lollies.

A list is floating around the interwebs at the moment that claims to be the ‘definitive’ ranking of Aussie lollies and chocolates.

A fine idea.

Except the list has caused a lot of debate in this office, as well amongst everyone on social media. Because its top three items? Caramello Koalas, Freddo Frogs, and Clinkers. Clinkers… What’s that about?

So we talked about at length this morning. And when we say at length – we went down to the shops, bought a bunch of lollies and tried them all to refresh our memories – and decided to make our own list. Our own *superior* list.

Thirty six lolly and chocolate items made the cut, these are our top 10:

10. Wizz Fizz


9. Chomp


8. Minties


7. Sherbies


6. Wagon Wheel

5. Fantales


4. Sour worms


3. Milky Way

2. Sour warheads



1. Old-school milo bars. (There's no picture of them anywhere! But you remember the ones; just a block of milo, surrounded by chocolate. No funny business.)





So, have we failed Australians everywhere? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.