Need a break? US TOO. These are the Australian farmstays we're escaping to this winter.

Holidays have been off the cards for far too long.

With cancelled trips, non-refundable flights, and almost all international adventures thrown directly into the bin it was super easy to slip into that infamous 'languishing' state of mind where there was nothing to look forward to and everything to feel upset about. 

Which is why, when rules loosened for travelling within your own state, I saw an opportunity to make a plan.

A plan that I could be excited about. A plan that I could pen into my calendar. A plan that involved a farmstay.

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...Now hear me out. I know a 'farmstay' doesn't exactly conjure up visions of glamourous, luxurious relaxation. But if you're picturing me shovelling pig s**t in overalls and gumboots, then think again.

Farmstays now mean cute, rustic, but VERY well kitted out accommodation that allows you to cosy on up to a roaring fire and look yonder over your land. (Well, your land for the time of your booking, of course.)

For my gallop into farmstay-adjacent life, I decided to keep things fairly fancy and locked in a trip to Bowral, NSW, to stay at Peppers. 


And what exactly does a stay at Peppers look like? Well, a bit like this...

FANCY FARM. Image: Supplied. 

Yes, an old-style country manor complete with bougie views and stacks of charm. 

On the agenda for the weekend was what I'd suggest every local holidayer adds to their list:

  • A stroll down the local high street
  • Buying pastries from the best cafe
  • Countryside walks 
  • A scrummy dinner
  • Meeting the locals
  • Wine on your balcony
  • And pastries... again. 

First up, the local high street. Bowral's main strip is called Bong Bong Street, and it is a bloody delight. Stuffed full of adorable kitschy shops, cafes, an old-school cinema and perhaps the best antique store I've ever been in. 

Me, absolutely chuffed. Image: Supplied.

But once the snooping around the shops element is complete, then it's definitely time to refuel at the Gumnut Patisserie. It has THE BEST pastries, pies and snacks, so I highly recommend loading up with a chocolate croissant, an eclair and a sausage roll so you can tackle step three of the weekend agenda...


Examples of yumminess. Image: Supplied.

WALKS. The go-to activity for all farmstay frequenters. And for good reason: they are lovely. Pulling on a cosy hoodie (or shacket) on top of your activewear and going for a humble stroll in the crisp winter air is food for the soul. Trust me.

I recommend checking online for recommendations for walks near to where you're staying, but in lieu of that, it's always helpful to ask the locals for their top picks. In Bowral, I stumbled through a woodland walk to a dam and took a sunset stroll across many, many rather fetching fields. 


Maximum serenity. Image: Supplied.

And once you're all walked out, it's time to crash back at the ranch (aka your farmstay) and really unwind. I found that this was really easily done with a bottle of wine on the balcony, looking out at the stars, followed by a movie in bed brilliantly accompanied by my two favourite friends, Ben and Jerry. 


The team even sent me a little travel pack including this gorgeous cutlery kit, which makes me think that they knew in their heart of hearts I was going to pound a tub of ice cream. 

The bed and the tub. Two essential items. Image: Supplied.

It was honestly one of the most relaxing trips and exactly what I needed. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Let's strategise your farmstay getaway! 


Especially as new data has found that seven in 10 travellers would rather go on holiday in 2021 than get a promotion at work.

Luckily for those people in need of a break, there are absolutely bucket loads of options on - and we've rounded up the best of the best so you can kick back in your farmstay ASAP.

Kimo Estate - Gundagai, NSW. 

This picturesque cottagecore delight tucked away in the hills of Gundagai makes for the perfect farmstay escape. There's a barbecue and sun terrace at this property, so you can really relax after a big day of hiking and cycling nearby.



Skytrek Willow Springs Station - Flinders Ranges, SA. 

Skytrek Willow Springs Station has stunning mountain views and cosy fire pit situations dotted all around the property. Plus, there's wifi, so despite the look and feel of it, you don't actually have to go fully off-grid.



Peppers Craigieburn - Bowral, NSW. 

If you fancy a slice of the same pie I enjoyed on my Bowral trip then you too can book in for a bougie 'farmstay' at Peppers. Just be sure to request a balcony room so you can enjoy a wine out there too!


The writer stayed at Peppers Craigieburn as a guest of 

Feature Image: Supplied.