Who will win The Block tonight? (spoiler: it's Love. Love will be the winner.)

The Block: Glasshouse auction airs on Channel Nine tonight, when the five teams will battle it out for the best apartment.

But will it be Max and Karstan, Dee and Darren, Chris and Jenna, Shannon and Simon, or Michael and Carlene, who impress bidders the most?

And, more importantly, could tonight’s auction echo the 2011 series, where only one of the four terrace houses was sold above the reserve price at auction? So. Awkward.

We do know who the judges think will win – but don’t get too excited, just yet. The judges have a history of being, well, kind of bad at picking the winning teams (Last year no one predicted  Chantelle Ford and Steve O’ Donnell would win – and the pair took home $736,000, the largest profit in Block history.)

Judge Shayna Blaze has told Fairfax that New South Wale newlyweds Maxine Stokes and Karstan Smith have the best chance tonight.  She reckons they have “the biggest advantage in every way,” thanks to their city views, north-facing apartment, and eye for design.

Max and Karstan – the judges’ favourite

Judge Darren Palmer agreed the pair have a seriously good shot at winning, but warned, “If you can pick the winner of this auction you deserve all the money that you get because the odds have to be all over the place.”

Third judge Neal Whittaker isn’t so sure Max and Karstan have got the auction in the bag.

“Michael and Carlene have probably ticked the most boxes in terms of broad appeal. They’ve created a family home which represents inner-city living at its best,” Whittaker told News Limited.

Michael and Carlene

“But if you look beyond all the controversy,” says Whittaker, “Deanne and Darren have created an apartment that is highly desirable and beautifully consistent.’”

Darren and Dee

The confidential auctions were held last Saturday, but those in attendance under strict instructions not to reveal anything until the auction is screened tonight.

This year, to mix it up, the finale will also include Max and Karstan’s wedding, officiated by Scott Cam (surely something every girl dreams of?). So whether they win or lose, Max and Karstan will have a lifetime of debating whose fault it was. Ah, bliss.

All will be revealed from 6:30 onwards tonight on Channel 9 and we’ll be back after the show to dissect it all with you.

Who are you tipping to win?


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