Best and Worst: Come and tell us how your week's been.





Hello Globs! Welcome to this week’s Best and Worst. If you don’t know to play the game, allow me to thoughtfully explain the rules:

1) List the best thing that happened to you this week

2) List the worst thing that happened to you this week

3) That’s it

I’ll kick things off:

My worst this week was the fact that I was invited to an incredible island paradise AND I WAS TOO SICK TO GO.



The wonderful people who make the magical elixir that is XXXX Gold invited me and some girlfriends to their tropical island paradise, XXXX Island. Seriously, take a look at this slice of heaven:



It was meant to be the ultimate girls weekend – we were going to relax, drink beer and just generally be epic beach goddesses. But then guess who got herself a chronic throat and chest infection? ME.

So while my girlfriends got to relax, drink beer and just generally be epic beach goddesses, I got to wake encrusted in a mask of snot. Allow me to show the differences in our weekends:


Here are my girlfriends having an incredible time on XXXX Island:


And here’s me, enjoying myself at home:


And here’s my girlfriends having even more fun on XXXX Island:


And here’s me, still clearly enjoying myself at home:


So, obviously, that was my worst.

And my best? Well… I guess I have to say that it’s the fact my friends had such a fabulous time. Hmph. I’ll also be interviewing them and writing about the fabulous time they had without me – so watch out for that story next week. Hmph hmph hmph.


What’s your best and worst for the week?