Best and worst of the week


Happy Friday and welcome back to Best and Worst – your chance to get together with the rest of the Mamamia community and talk about the highs and the lows of your week, as well as anything else that’s on your mind.

Don’t forget – if you want a chance to host, email [email protected] with your full name, headshot and a short bio (include any links to your blog/Twitter etc), and we’ll take it from there.

Introducing Lauren. She writes:

Best: Vanilla and rose cups of warm tea, wedding planning and parcels from far abroad. The exquisite tea is warming my soul, dreamily planning our wedding is warming my heart and beautiful parcels from abroad are warming my cheeks with smiles.

Worst: The cold and wet weather has set in and the grey can be dreary if you don’t smile and enjoy the small things.

Lauren is a 28 year old Brisbane native living in Auckland for the next couple of months. She lives on twitter, instagram and her blog to keep her feeling close to her Australian home.

What was your best and worst of the week?

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