Best and worst: How's your week been?

Best and Worst.


Happy Friday! Welcome back to the day of casual officewear options, social media acronyms that use the letter ‘F’ to represent something other than an expletive and, of course, Mamamia’s weekly Best and Worst post. Best and Worst is our community’s watercooler/weekend barbecue/therapist’s office. It’s where we come to share the highs and lows of our week, give advice, congratulate one another and even recommend a book or two. The rules are simple, you just pick the best thing and the worst thing that has happened in your week, and post them in the comments. I’ll start:

Best: The sun’s started rising a little earlier, and the days are getting warmer. Yes, Spring is coming, and I am super keen for dresses without tights, commutes without coats, and the general mood lift that comes with winter finally realising that it’s overstayed its welcome.

Worst: [Disclaimer: massive uni student whinge approaching.] Assignments. Assignments everywhere. Assignments that require the lugging of 30kg of camera equipment. Assignments that only have a 2000 word limit even though EVERYONE KNOWS that the nuanced and obviously groundbreaking legal reasoning of a seasoned first year law student requires a word limit at least three times bigger than this! Oh, and assignments that I haven’t started. Hmm. Over to you: how’s your week been?

Body Positive Challenge #2: The body part I used to cover up.  We all have a particular body part that bothers us and we tend to buy clothes that hide or cover or draw attention away from it. For one day (at least!) we’re asking you to show it to the world. This means bearing your upper arms, or rocking a midriff top or giving your thighs some much needed exposure to the sunshine. Upload a photo of  yourself to the social media platform of your choosing (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) with the hashtag #mmbodypositive Alternatively you can email your photo to us on or you can upload the photo directly in the comments section. We will then collate the images and bring you an amazing gallery of beautiful body parts. You can learn more about the Body Positive Project and read about the other upcoming challenges here.