MAMAMIA: Best and worst- How has your week been?






Ahhhh, welcome to the weekly Mamamia Best and Worst. The post where we all get together and commiserate and celebrate. Sympathise and praise the achievements of others. Share the highs and the lows. I think it’s lovely, really. So let’s get started, shall we?

BEST: I have been settling into my new house, and slowly unpacking all of my things. (Make that: aaaalllllll of my things. I have a little bit of the Hoarders about me.) In trying to figure out how to fit my and my SO’s possessions into a smallish space, I have become obsessed with a series of videos on YouTube about ‘tiny, eclectic, amazing spaces’ which show how people (who mostly appear to live in shoe boxes in New York) organise all their possessions. Hot tip: go up.

Given that I have suddenly caught a case of the House Proud, I also loved this gallery of smart solutions for tricky problems around the home. How to make mess-free pancakes!? I will be trying this one on Sunday morning.

WORST: Having just moved cities, I am having a blast exploring – and making it my mission to try a delicious hot beverage from every café in my ‘hood – but I feel a little bit adrift without my close friends and family. Does anyone have any tips for meeting new people and making friends after a big move?

And now, in the spirit of meeting new people and making friends, I’m off to google book clubs in my area.

PS. This week on Mamamia we showcased some brilliant Smart Solutions that you can use around your kitchen to make your life a million times easier. You can watch the video here and see the gallery of tips below. Thanks to the all new Kia Rondo (and if you’d like to win yourself a Kia – did you hear that? YOU CAN WIN YOURSELF A CAR! – you can click here).

What’s your best and worst of the week?