Mamamia 'Best and Worst' (and ALL the sugar).






Welcome to a Mamamia tradition, Best and Worst, where we all sit around the virtual dinner table and debrief about the week that was.

I’ll be your host today so sit yourselves down, grab a cuppa and a scotch finger bickie/ handful of lollies/ activated almonds/kale chips (does anyone have a good recipe for kale chips? Mine always end up charcoal chips).

Best: I have a new concealer and I want to marry it. I know, I know I am a complete loser. BUT you know when you discover something new (and affordable) that makes you feel 200% better about yourself that you just have to share it? Well, that.

I’ve also started doing beauty GIF tutorials, which I promise isn’t nearly as nerdy as it sounds. You can check out my first one here, which also features the super stay 24hr Maybelline concealer I’m obsessed with.

Worst: I’ve been indulging in way too many treats like brownies and giant sugar bowls like the one above (thanks sales team). Oh, and I haven’t exercised in months – a downfall of being a working mother with a FIFO husband.

I was lucky enough to try out Eat Fit Food recently, which was amazing and so convenient. I trialled the X- Celerator meals which were downright delicious and I’m thinking of getting just the dinner meals (dinner is where I usually fall down and eat takeaway or copious amounts of Nutella toast) for the weeks my husband is away.

I’m aware I’m in danger of hijacking this Mamamia Best and Worst post for recipe suggestions but I’d love it if anyone has any quick, easy and healthy dinner ideas they want to share!

This week we showcased some brilliant Smart Solutions that you can use around your loungeroom to make your life a million times easier. You can watch the video here and see the gallery of tips below. Thanks to the all new Kia Rondo.

Alright, over to you, awesome Mamamia readers. What have been the best and worst bits of your week?