Best and Worst

Kate Ellis and I with a Girl Guide

It seems like Friday’s come around faster than ever this week. It’s been an eventful week- here on Mamamia we’ve been completely absorbed by the debate surrounding the asylum seeker funerals and the fate of the 8yo orphan, Seena. We’ve also discussed a whole lot of other topics- everything from advertising to men faking orgasms to sugarto tampons. We’ve debated the merits of plastic shoes and talked about what’s offensive.

So now it’s that time of the week again when we talk about our best and worst. Remember your worst can be as trivial or as tragic as you like. And don’t forget to add what’s on your mind- something might not be a worst or a best but it might still be lingering in your thoughts.

As for mine..

Best: Attending the launch of the Girl Guides “Guides Say” survey. Catching up with my favourite minister Kate Ellis and meeting some of the girls and women who participate in guides. I love this organisation. When so many messages bombarding girls are telling them it’s all about how they look, Girl Guides tell them it’s about what they do. And what they TRY to do. And how they think. Refreshing.

Worst: I have been so upset by the ‘debate’ provoked by the callous remarks of shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison this week. I know politicians say lots of things and it’s all, well, politics. But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes people cross the line and bypass human decency and compassion and for that, I was distressed and ashamed that Morrison’s opportunistic, cold-hearted comments could gain traction on a day when orphans were burying their parents and parents were burying their babies. Shame, shame, shame on you Scott Morrison. And Tony Abbott for not calling him to task and presenting an alternate view in the way Joe Hockey was able to do.

On my mind: I’m resorting to bribery to get my daughter to school without drama. If she makes it to the school gate without tears, she gets a choc bit before she goes to school. Whatever it takes.

What was your best and worst of the week and what’s on your mind?

And here are the pics we’re talking about this week: