Best and Worst: What's up with the cost of your public transport, Sydney?

The very best and the very worst of the week…

Welcome to Best and Worst on this snuggly autumn morning. A safe place where our readers have a chance to catch up and tell us how your week has been.

The news recently has been pretty heavy and grim, so I’m going to make this a relatively light and fluffy Best and Worst.


It’s kinda appropriate that as an intern being mentored by the Editor of The Glow, one of the highlights of my week was getting a kick-ass Shellac manicure.

It was my first EVER and the only thing better than the fact that it pretty much CANNOT chip is that it was half the price of a Shellac in my hometown (Canberra).

Win! I was certain I’d pay double for it here in Sydney.


However, while I might have been winning on the nail front I have not been winning with public transport.

I’m outraged over the price of public transport in Sydney.

As my student card for the ACT is invalid in NSW, I’ve been feeling the pain when it comes to bus fare, especially in peak times.

Seriously, $10 lasts me about a day. JUST on the bus.

So that’s my week. One up, one down.

How has your week been?

Been anywhere cool? Been annoyed by something?

Let us know in the comments below!

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