Best and worst: Did you have a good Chrissy?

It’s Friday, but it’s not just any Friday. It’s the Friday after Christmas and I am effing exhausted. How ’bout you guys?

I’m nice exhausted though. Like the kind of exhausted you get the day after you have a few too many G&Ts with your Mum and eat four different types of meat at lunch time. Which is what I did yesterday, obviously.

SO welcome to post-festivity Friday, you’re once-in-a-yeartime chance to share in the seasonal spirit and tell how us how great your Chrissy was… Or have a bit of a b*tch about your family.

Here’s my highlights to get the bauble rolling. (Gettit? That was a Christmas pun. Your’re welcome.)


I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it, from the crappy jokes to my crappy family to the delightfully various foods – I thrive in the silly season. And this year has been no exception. I hung out with my family (my nephew learned to walk since last year!), I watched Home Alone (twice) and listened to the Hanson Christmas album (at least thrice). We have a tree, we had mince tarts. Winner winner Turkey Dinner.

Here is a picture from Guide Dogs Victoria of a puppy playing with some tinsel. You’re very welcome.



Christmas is great, didn’t you hear? I love Christmas. BUT ONE DAY A YEAR IS ENOUGH. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. There’s work Christmas, friend Christmas, have a beer on your own because Christmas, Christmas. There’s your mum’s family, your dad’s family ; I mean really, two families?! Thanks a lot, science. It’s all a lot. A lot of food and drink and talking and being well groomed – and it’s tiring.

Then it’s New Year’s Eve. Followed, unsurprisingly, by a new year. And if you manage to make it through that one? You’ll have to do it all again.

How was your Christmas? Go on, let it all out.