Best and Worst: How was your week?

Layla Saadat




Did somebody say Friday?

Yes, friends, it’s that glorious time of the week. The day where we all look forward to the feeling of not setting an alarm for the next day – and laugh, cry and share in other people’s best and worst moments.

If you’re a newbie to this best and worst scene, don’t worry, so am I.

It’s pretty simple: I tell you my best and worst moments of the week and then you tell me yours.

I’ll kick things off with my best moment.

Best: As an excited and anxious bride to be, getting to the “4 months to go” part of the countdown was definitely a highlight of my week.

Here is the countdown timer we (I) made to let me know how long left until the wedding.

After a stressful university and work year for us both, my partner and I are eager to tie the knot and relax on our Hawaiian honeymoon next year.

To make it better, my wedding dress fitting also took place this week, and it’s coming along just beautifully.

Now that I’ve got you all buttered up, here is my worst.

Worst: Today my sister gets on a plane, Hawaii-bound, ready to soak up the sun and push people out of her way at the annual Black Friday sales. Leaving me behind in Sydney, the place that totally can’t make up its mind about the weather, and  probably won’t have amazing sales for another month!

No, I’m feeling no jealousy. Not at all.

Here is my sister teasing me from her hotel room on her last trip to Hawaii:

Has anyone else been to or going to Hawaii? I would love some advice.

Enough of my Hawaiian holiday dreams, now it’s your turn to tell me about your week!