Best and Worst: How is your week going?


Welcome to Friday. Is it 5 o’clock yet? Happy hour drinks anyone?

Congrats on making it to the weekend.

I’m Sarah Norton, an intern at Mamamia, and am lucky enough to be sharing my best and worst with you this week.

Best and worst is a Mamamia tradition, creating a space for you to tell us the highlights and lowlights of your week, and to vent about anything that’s been on your mind. We can offer you some good advice if needed.

I’ll go first:

Best: My best was actually last weekend, but I’m going to count it as this week because I’m still buzzing from it.

I completed my first triathlon.

Well technically it was only an enticer and I only did one leg in a team of three. But I did succeed to ride (for 8km) on a road bike for the first time.

Sarah and friends after the triathlon

If you’ve never been on a road bike – they’re a lot harder to ride than an ordinary pushbike. Considering I hadn’t trained at all, it was an impressive feat to finish with no grazed knees or elbows.

I did the event with my best friends in a beautiful part of the world: Huskisson, Jervis Bay. The atmosphere in a small coastal town, surrounded by crystal clear water, pearly white sand, glorious weather and a hoard of super fit triathletes can’t be beaten.

Worst: This is tough, I can’t think of a worst?

I’m going to have to say the rain and sticky humidity occupying Sydney at the moment. After coming from a sunny dry Canberra, it’s taking me (and my hair) a while to adjust.

As much as I do love the sound of rain as a sweet lullaby when I’m drifting off to sleep, getting caught in a heavy downpour while running to and from the bus to get to work is not so desirable.

OMM: I’ve just moved up to Sydney and am getting used to the hustle and bustle of the city. It leaves me with a lot less free time, and I need to be more organised so I’m not always rushing. But I’m adjusting to it and enjoying the energy of the place.

Enough from me. What’s been happening in your world?