Mamamia Best and Worst: how's your week been?

It’s time for Best & Worst.



It’s time for  Best and Worst! That lovely moment on a Friday when the Mamamia community gathers to talk about our weeks, give each other some advice, and maybe even figure out what we’re going to cook for dinner.

Each week, I love taking a look at how everyone’s lives are plodding along. Staying up to date with one person’s long distance love life, or another’s job hunt.

But the game doesn’t work if there isn’t someone to start us off. So, I’ll go first:

Best: My little sister is back from overseas. You’re probably thinking that she’s been gone for a year? Six months? Nup. She’s been over in the land of croissants and skinny-stripe skivvies for a measly TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. On a school trip. But it was still too damn long.

However, luckily for her, she has managed to buy back roughly 99% of mine and my youngest sister’s love with duty-free cosmetics. Chubbies! Chubbies for everyone!

Worst: I’m getting a wisdom tooth. And I am currently suffering from molar-related anxiety. Because, while I was told that this tooth should descend easily into the carefully measured gap in my gum created by two years of hideously expensive metal in my mouth, things don’t seem to be going to plan.

It’s coming down at an angle. Or maybe it’s that the edge of the tooth is too far towards the centre of the gum? Look: something is wrong. I can feel it in my hypochondriac-prone waters.

But I am determined to not cave into the pain and go to the dentist, because a) I was there only three months ago, and b) it is expensive/annoying/time-consuming/painful/awkward (feel free to pick the adjective that you like the best.)

Oh, and because c) obviously fiddling about the back of my mouth with my tongue is a much more scientific method of diagnosis than, you know, X-Ray scans.

P.S. This week Mamamia showcased some brilliant Smart Solutions that you can use around your bathroom to make your life a million times easier. You can watch the video here and see the gallery of tips below. Thanks to the all new Kia Rondo (and if you’d like to win yourself a Kia – did you hear that? YOU CAN WIN YOURSELF A CAR! – you can click here).


So, over to you, lovely Mamamia readers. What’s going on in your world?