Best and Worst: How's your week been?








No, I don’t think I am in Hawaii – although I kinda wish I still was BUT more on that later.

As you already may be fully aware ‘Best and Worst’ is our weekly exhale post, a nice little cosy spot where we can talk about the happy/sad things in our lives and all of the bits in between.

Think of it as one big group therapy session and ever since I started working at Mamamia, I’ve always loved virtually catching up with all of you on this post.

So, without any further ado, sit back, pour yourself a cuppa/wine/vodka/whatever takes your fancy and lets get to it.

Best: I’ve just come back from the most amazing holiday I’ve ever had (honeymoon notwithstanding). I spent 2+ weeks in Hawaii or the Rainbow State as it’s known as and you know why? There are rainbows just about everyday. Yes, RAINBOWS everyday. I’m facepalming myself for not going to this magical place before now.

And yes, I am completely aware that I sound gushy so I’m just going to get to why it was so good (stay with me) here goes: the turquoise beaches, 30+ degrees everyday, swimming with turtles, rainbow shave ice, acai bowls, Leonard’s bakery, the people, mai tais, the shopping… I could go on and on. If you haven’t been yet, start saving some clams and look out for flight/accom deals you definitely won’t regret it.

Worst: SO the thing about having such an incredible holiday is the lull you experience afterwards, I’m calling it the Post Hawaii Blues (PHB) and I’m thinking of starting a support group.

Now, over to you. What’s happening in your lives?