3 women try 7 of the best-selling bras from Best&Less.

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How have you been feeling in your boobies during COVID? If you’re an essential worker, did you find yourself switching it up to a sports bra for extra comfort? Or maybe you’ve been working from home for what seems like eternity and are looking for maximum comfort and ease without totally free-boobing it?

Wherever you're at, you want the 'perfect fit' for your boobs, your body, and your life. And that's different for each of us.

So, Mamamia enlisted three women with different boob sizes, from A to DD/E, to test out the best-selling bras from Best&Less' latest collection, which includes sizes from 10A to 20DD, to see what the 'perfect fit' looks like for them.

We tried a bra for each day of the week, covering sport, t-shirt, underwire, seam-free, lounge, push-up and convertible styles.


SPORTS ($12)


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With the gym closed I’ve found myself working out more at home, but because of that my sole sports bra has been copping some serious wear and tear.

On days when I’m doing yoga or stretching I tried out the B&L sports bra. For anything high-impact I need to usually wear two bras, but this one was perfect for low impact workouts and yoga. My girls were kept in place for all the downward dogs, warriors one two and three, and all types of Vinyasa flow my girl Adriene (from YouTube's Yoga with Adriene) could throw at me.




SIZE: 16-18

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Look. I’ll be real. I have struggled to summon the energy to put on a bra during COVID. But sweet lord, this seam-free bra has changed. The. game.

Firstly, why the hell don’t all bras come with a zip in between the boobs?! Putting it on I felt like I was initiating some sexy harness vibes, which gave way to lush cushy comfort.

It came with inserts to give a bit of shape if that’s your at-home vibe, but they’re removable too, so if you want a little bit of titty coverage sans circular pad shape, that’s an option too.

For chilling at home, working at my standing desk (brag) or walking up the street to get a coffee, the bra gave enough support to my big girls to get me through the day without any back pain OR early morning grunts trying to wriggle into my bra.


T-SHIRT ($8)


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As a proud member of the itty-bitty titty committee with a 10A bust, I typically cruise around in bralettes. Don’t get me wrong, I have a whole drawer full of fancy bras, but I hate wasting money on styles that either don’t suit me or I find uncomfortable and never wear again. That’s partly why I wanted to test out B&L’s range of affordable bras.

This was the one I was most excited to try out. The downside of wearing bralettes on the reg under t-shirts or any fitted tops is that you often see the texture of the material (like lace), and there is a lack of support which means your boobies, although gorgeous and natural, are kinda doing their own thing (thanks 30s/gravity/etc.).

On Wednesday, I popped the t-shirt bra under a fitted turtleneck top and away I went. Going from no support to support you can really feel the difference and often I feel too constricted. But the construction of this bra felt really soft and didn’t dig in. One thing, there is padding but stay with me -  it’s only light! Padding can be a scary thought if that’s not your thing, but it wasn’t offensive and didn’t make me feel bigger, I still felt like myself, just well rounded.




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For everyday running about life with kids, I’m all about comfort. If I'm not in activewear and a great sports bra, I love a good comfy everyday bra to wear all day long.

If you are like me and not too sure about a bralette-style bra, try the underwire bra. It's not usually a bra style I would personally go for, however, for times when I want comfort and support, the underwire bra is a great one to have in the drawer.

And if you are still loving your loungewear after the "stay home" period like me, this is the perfect match. The fabric is buttery soft against my skin; the design is simple and it's incredibly comfy.


PUSH UP ($8)


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Selecting the right bra is like picking the right accessories to go with your outfit. What can I say? I love a good push-up bra, and it's a must-have in my lingerie drawer.

Generally this is my go-to style for every day, but especially for a Friday when I'm looking forward to the weekend. I personally love the smooth cup design on this style, which allows me to wear it under the majority of tops without any visible lines.

It creates the perfect shape and it's lightweight, so I can comfortably wear it all day long. Plus, it's super affordable.




Image: Supplied. I was a little nervous to try this style because I have never met a strapless that I liked. I find they can be overly padded or fall down a lot and you spend the day/evening readjusting and it’s just not cute.


But it was Saturday and I had an off-the-shoulder outfit in mind so gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised. The style stayed in place well and felt supportive without being too padded and the lace wasn’t itchy. Bonus points for matching my sunnies.




Image: Supplied.

Sunday is all about comfort, right?

My favourite features about the lounge-style bra is that it is wire-free yet still lightly padded. It's the ultimate comfort for lounging around home with enough support - your go-to style if a soft-cup bra is not really your style. 

Being seam-free, it sits seamlessly under fitted style tops and knits, making dashing from couch to down the street for coffee super easy.

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