Bernard Tomic made a stunning allegation about Tennis Australia and no-one was sure what to say.

Bernard Tomic has served up a savage parting shot amid his departure from the I’m A Celebrity jungle, by accusing Tennis Australia of corruption.

The 25-year-old, who is currently ranked 128th in the world, made the claim during an interview on The Project on Wednesday.

Asked if he’d like to play for Australia at the Davis Cup in the near future, Tomic replied:

“Absolutely. That’s going to be my priority coming back. It’s tough. I’m not happy with that whole situation with Tennis Australia. Until that clears and a few of the problems come out… We’ve seen it with the FIFA Federation, how they were corrupt. And I know it’s in there. I’m yet to address all the issues there. Hopefully in the coming future I can speak about it.

“I’d love nothing but to come back to playing Davis Cup. But those [sic] stuff have to be addressed in the next couple of years.”

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A seemingly stunned Waleed Aly, co-host of the Channel 10 panel show, asked the sportsman to clarify his position.

“To make sure I’ve got this right, you want to play for Australia in in the Davis Cup but Tennis Australia is a corrupt organisation?” Aly asked.

“Yes. I stand by that call,” Tomic said. “Only those people know what I’m talking about. It’s up to them to only fix and I hope I can do it because we have such a great nation in Australia of playing tennis throughout the last decade we have a few wrong people in that organisation.”


Carrie Bickmore quickly clarified that Tennis Australia had declined to comment on the claims, but said it would be happy to look into any specific allegations.

Tomic’s revelation left the Project hosts seemingly reeling. Peter Helliar uttered: “He’s 25 years old and he seems to contradict himself a lot.”

Ryan Fitzgerald chimed in: “He does. The only thing I feel sorry for Bernard is he didn’t have a childhood. The way he talks like that, there are no mates pulling him aside and saying, “You can’t talk like that.””

In 2010, Tomic became the youngest-ever player chosen to represent Australia at the Davis Cup, at the age of 17. He shot to a career-high ranking of 17, though slipped in recent years.

After a two day stint on reality television program, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Tomic announced his decision to return to the sport in earnest.

Announcing his decision to quit the show on Tuesday night, he said: “I need to be competing and playing in what I do best and that’s why I’ve decided to leave.”