The four not-so-subtle digs at Bernard Tomic by his fellow celebrities last night.

The first episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! is precisely always awkward.

Mostly, because despite their celebrity status, a majority of the contestants have absolutely no idea who the others are… but they know they’re definitely meant to.

But last night’s premiere of I’m a Celebrity season four was more uncomfortable than usual – and it had a lot to do with a 25-year-old man named Bernard Tomic.

You see, the professional tennis player is absolutely a household name. But… that name is usually preceded by an expletive and followed by a rant about being a stain on our international reputation.

The world number 142 (who was, at his height, ranked number 17) lost his qualifier against world number 218 at the Australian Open, only a few weeks ago.

“I just count money, that’s all I do. I count my millions,” he said to journalists following his loss.

“You go do what I did [on court]. Bye bye.”

Tennis great Andy Roddick was among the many who criticised his comments.

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Last year, Tomic said he was “bored” during his Wimbledon match, with Pat Cash responding that a lot of Aussies were cringing at the young man’s behaviour.


Indeed, the look on some celebrity’s faces when they realised they were going to be stuck in the jungle with Tomic, suggested they too had done their fair share of cringing.

There were three not-so-subtle digs at the bad boy of tennis that if anything indicate this is going to be a very, very interesting season of I’m a Celebrity.

  1. The moment Kerry Armstrong saw Tomic.

Among the first words Armstrong, star of SeaChange, Lantana and most recently, The Wrong Girl, said to Tomic were, “Can you lend me some money?”.

It seemed the joke went over Tomic’s head.


Although Tomic claimed to recognise Armstrong, he was awfully stumped when she asked, “Can you remember my name?”.

“Yes,” he responded immediately, before asking, “How do you spell it actually?” which was met by an enormous laugh by Armstrong.

Eventually, he correctly guessed her name started with ‘K’, and she introduced herself as Kerry.

     2. Simone Holtznagel’s first impression.

Just after Tomic parachuted out of a plane to join the other celebrities, Holtznagel who came third on the seventh season of Australia’s Next Top Model, said, “I don’t go ‘Oh, that’s Bernard Tomic.'”

I go, ‘That’s Bernard Tomic, the guy that everyone thinks is a giant wanker.'”



     3. Ex-AFL player Josh Gibson’s thoughts.

“I never thought I’d see Bernard Tomic flying through the air…” the 33-year-old ex-Hawthorn player said in a piece to camera.

“He’s normally driving a flashy car past me at the bus stop.”

     4. Peter Rowsthorn puts it very simply.

Rowsthorn, otherwise known as Brett Dean Craig from Kath and Kim, had just one thing to say as Tomic entered the jungle.

“Oh, no… Oh. No.”

He justified his comments with a smile on his face. “Come for the cash, has he?

“Which is cruel because, you know, I don’t know the dude yet, so it will be interesting.”


The only warm reception Tomic received was from comedian Fiona O’Loughlin, who commended him on his honesty.

“Sometimes a bit too honest,” Tomic laughed, with O’Loughlin joking that makes two of them.

In the next few weeks, we are going to get to know one of Australia’s most controversial tennis players very well; for better or for worse.

Perhaps we will find that under the tough, untouchable exterior, is a much softer young man, who is still trying to work out just who he is.

And that’s something we are very excited to see.