It's the second day of I'm A Celeb and Bernard Tomic already wants to quit.

Bernard Tomic is not enjoying the African Jungle. Only the second day into his I’m A Celebrity Journey, the tennis champ has bloody well had it, describing the challenges he’s undertaken as some of the worst moments of his life.

“My head space hasn’t been good in the last year and coping here right now… I have done five things in my life that I have never done,” he complained to his fellow campers. 

bernard tomic
Over it.

"I have never jumped off a plane, never got bitten by snakes. I have never camped and been around people like this. I have never done the stuff that I did today. It was 200 metres on a cliff and I was upside down with these goggles. The worst eight minutes of my life." 

His fellow celebs tried to convince him to sleep on it, and speculated that as a tennis player, he was used to winning and was out of his comfort zone.

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Tomic continued to soul search. "Obviously I lost myself the last year... I needed a family. Being here three days and I found it. There is no point in me being here anymore and wasting unnecessary time for myself. 

"I need to be out there playing and competing and I feel bad because I just met you bunch of people and you guys are super, super fun." 

After he poured his heart out, the other celebs managed to talk Tomic into staying - for now.