We've all made some bad bra choices. It's now time to be kinder to our boobs.

Bras are designed to hold us up, but it seems they’ve mostly been getting us down.

According to research conducted by bra maker Berlei in conjunction with Google, the majority of Australian women describe the underwear item as “unkind” and say the first thing they want to take off when they get home.

The survey of 500 women found that 67 per cent had been ‘betrayed’ by a bra at one point or another, either from straps sliding down, ill-fitting cups, telltale red marks or back ache.

In an effort to curb those deflating stats, the brand has launched a new range of ‘kind’ bras: WOMANKIND bras (*nudge nudge* See what they did there?).

And with it comes a video campaign, one that basically catalogues the fresh hell we’ve subjected our poor breasts to over the years.

Sticky cups. Chicken fillets. Push up bras. Inflatable bras. Bras that force boobs together. Bras that keep them apart. Strapless bras. Crop tops. Bras that clip at the front. Oh, did we mention strapless bras?

“No more,” the brand says. “It’s time to change.”

The WOMANKIND range (which, by the way, is designed exclusively by people with boobs), claims to be the way you can make amends with your ill-treated breasts.

The Everyday style is available from 10A up to 18DD, or there’s a Sport version, which can be had up to a 16DD.

If you keen for some boob kindness you can find them via, Myer, David Jones and Rebel Sport (Sport range only) for $69.95.

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