"Why my parents' retirement is the best thing that happened to me."

To say that my life is busy would be an understatement.

Between getting the kids dressed and fed in the morning, dropping them at my parents, getting to work, dealing with endless projects and meetings there, whizzing back to pick up my kids and getting them to their afternoon activities before heading home to cook, clean and maybe squeeze in some exercise before collapsing in to bed means I have no time to even think about being busy.

This is me. Every morning and every night.

I have no time to think at all. Mums – working and stay at home – will understand what I’m saying.

But I know that I’m actually very lucky. I have one saving grace that keep the wheels from falling off my hectic life.

I have my parents.

They look after my kids every day that I am at work (saving me a fortune in childcare fees). They recently retired, sold my childhood home in the country, downsized and moved to the city – closer to me.

And while many people might run away scared at the thought of their parents moving in just around the corner – I am ecstatic. I am so happy for my parents (and for myself) because everyone is a winner in the move.

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I win because I now have my parents at hand who are able to take my children each day – and I get to leave my precious kids in the care of family. My parents win because they get to spend quality time with their beloved grandkids.

It’s quality and quantity. Win, win.

They are loving retirement – I have never once heard them say, ‘I’m bored of this life’. They adore their grandchildren and enjoy spending so much time with them – they’ve told me it’s a relationship like none they’ve ever experienced. It’s different to parenting and it’s something they’ve been waiting to enjoy for a long time.


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They love getting the kids to help with their new prized possession too – the veggie garden. While mum and dad miss the openness of the country they’ve made sure they still have a decent size (but manageable) backyard – with an incredible veggie garden. They both have green thumbs and have made sure they’ve got the kids involved (with the watering can).

It’s all hands on deck.

My parents have a whole new lifestyle now that they’re retired. The move has been a life changer for them because it has saved them a significant amount of time and money.

While my parents are saving me my sanity they are saving money, because they’re staying at home during the day and not spending money on unnecessary costs. They’re saving themselves time because they’re in a smaller house, which requires less maintenance, and they’re enjoying life more because they get to use the time they save to do the things they love.

Moving house is stressful for a reason

They’ve only just recently moved to the city – but I can’t remember how I got through life without them living around the corner before.

We have family dinners at least once a week (you’re never too old to go to mum’s for dinner) and we spend a lot of time together on weekends.

I’m happier because they’re helping me get on with my life and they’re happier because they’re saving themselves time and money, which they can spend on better things while they’re retired.

Life is busy when you’re a young working parent – I appreciate that now, so I just want my parents to enjoy life now that they’re retired.

What are some of the things your parents are still doing to make life easier for you?


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