Elle Macpherson's weekend wellbeing trick is pure genius.

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Elle Macpherson is well known for her passion for health and wellbeing, and there’s no denying that her past advice has been a little, well, unconventional.

For example: earlier this year, she admitted to carrying a pH balance urine tester kit round in her handbag so she could check that her body was in an “alkaline state” at all times (you don’t?).

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While we still haven’t adopted that practice, her latest wellbeing trick has made us straight up cheering.

In a post on Instagram, the 51-year old revealed she and her family were embarking on a digital detox.

“We are unplugging from technology and taking to rest for the weekend… taking a break from all the screens and social media (yes even IG!), relax and unwind in the natural world,” she captioned the photo of her feet dangling in the sea. (Post continues after gallery.)

Elle went on to say that there’s a link between the light emitted from our screens and “altered sleep” and “stress”.

“We are seeing it as a mental cleanse. Unplugging gives time to act mindfully and ‘uni-task’, focusing on exactly one thing at a time. It’s this consciousness and focus that can help being a refreshed point of view,” she explained.

The supermodel, who has been sharing plenty of images from her family holiday in Europe, struck a chord with many of her 68,000 Instagram followers.

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“So true”, “Will try too!” and “Totally true – enjoy your weekend with each other,” many wrote in comments on the picture.

And given that Australians spend almost 24 hours a week online, Clinical Psychologist Dr Paula Watkins believes that the idea of a digital detox is one that could have benefits for us all.

“The impact of spending so much time scrolling and scrolling through social media is feeling tired, a stressed brain in a state of information overload and a lowered mood,” she explains. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Research has shown technology to be addictive therefore it’s a good idea for each of us to check in from time to time and make sure we’re in control of our technology use rather than the other way round.”

And you can start as big or as small as you like.

“Challenge yourself to an evening with friends and family without looking at your phone. Or challenge yourself to take a social media break for a day, week or weekend. There’s absolutely no harm in going on a more in-depth digital detox such as a week away on an organised retreat or self-retreat,” she says.

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According to Psychologist Jade Tasevski, there are plenty of mental health benefits to cutting yourself off from your screen for a while.

“Removing the distraction of technology can help us become more present and more mindful of our experiences, which contributes to better management of stress,” she says.

This happening? Time to take a break.



However it's important to remember that your technology habits could actually be an addiction.

"As with breaking any addictive cycle, remember that you'll need a game plan for when you're back in touch with your addiction triggers," she advises.

It's no understatement - a 2013 study at Swansea and Milan Universities found that when frequent internet users turn off their devices, they actually experience withdrawal symptoms similar to those experiences by drug users.

For a successful digital detox, having a strategy is important.
"Set aside certain times of the day as technology-free time, for example meal times," says Tasevski.
"You can do this both at home and at work simply by not bringing your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the dining table.
Taking a break from always looking at your phone has plenty of benefits. Image via iStock
"After you've set a plan, share it with others - this means you can get the benefits of support and accountability," advises Dr Watkins.
"Plan ahead for some activities you can do and use mindfulness to notice any urges or irritability arising during your detox."

Need some motivation to put down your phone? Let us inspire you!

Do you need a digital detox? Have you done one before?