Four clever ways to use argan oil in your beauty regimen.

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Not long ago, oil was considered a dirty word in the world of beauty, associated with greasy hair and shiny skin. Given that history, you can be forgiven if you’re feeling a little intimidated by the current oil trend taking the beauty world by storm.

After all, voluntarily applying oil to your body after years of doing everything possible to avoid oily skin or hair would feel a little strange.

But trust us, it’s worth it. From rosehip to jojoba (and all coconut in between) there are plenty to choose from. My favourite? Argan oil, or ‘liquid gold’ as many refer to it thanks to its bountiful helpful properties. It’s a natural ingredient extracted from the kernels of the argan tree native to Morocco.

After first trying it last year, it’s now quickly made its way into most areas of my beauty regimen, from my hair to my makeup.

1. For commercial-worthy hair.

There are many things I love about having naturally curly hair, but the constant dryness (oh, and the frizz) is not one of them. Which is why argan oil is a miracle worker. It nourishes hair, adds the good kind of shine, acts as a scalp moisturiser to help fight dandruff. Talk about a hard worker.

Going for pure argan oil will keep your options open – you can use as an intensive hair mask, or in place of a leave-in conditioner. Just apply to damp hair, working the product right through from root to tip. It’s also great as a styling product to get rid of any frizz and loose flyaways, particularly after heat styling. I squirt into my hands, rub together then gently smooth over my hair.

The trick to avoiding oil overload is just to use a very small amount – a pea sized amount will do the trick. If you’re a bit apprehensive or don’t want to give up your existing favourites, look for hair products that include argan oil as an ingredient instead.


Argan oil is especially useful if you use hot tools on your hair a little more than you should. Image: iStock.

2. For soft, glowing skin.

Argan oil is brilliant for dealing with scars, sunburn or generally dry skin thanks to its nourishing and conditioning properties. It’s high in vitamin E, fatty acid content, sterols and antioxidants, which makes it a great natural moisturiser, making skin hydrated and soft.

Even better, it doesn’t feel oily - it absorbs easily, is non-greasy and is suitable for sensitive skin. This makes it suitable for a whole range of skin types. The fact that it’s non-greasy means it can soothe problem skin by providing natural moisture, while its antioxidants help protect skin and repair damaged skin cells. These properties also make it a fantastic anti-ageing product too, restoring elasticity to the skin and making it softer and plumper.

While pure argan oil is versatile, it’s also a great ingredient to look out for in your general skincare products. From moisturisers to face washes and cleansers, the inclusion of argan oil in your skincare favourites is an easy way to reap the benefits while also addressing other needs and concerns. It’s also a great option to try it in a shower gel, body butter or even tanning products.

It helped lift my skin out of a dehydrated rut last year and now I use it every night all over my face, neck and décolletage.

As an impatient person who hates waiting weeks to see any results, I loved that after just a few days the difference was visible - and I was getting anyone I could to feel how soft my skin was!


Argan oil keeps skin hydrated and soft. Image: iStock.

3. For all-over body goodness.

Rather than having fifteen hundred different products for your face and body, argan oil covers all bases. Take a few more drops than you would for your face, rub together than apply in circular motions all over your body. I love to do it in in winter after having a bath or shower to rehydrate my skin. Occasionally I’ll also use as a treat for my feet and nails, rubbing into my cuticles for a hydrating treatment.

And if you’re concerned about getting stretch marks (particularly during pregnancy) rubbing argan oil into areas like your breasts, stomach and thighs will help reduce the impact by increasing elasticity in the skin.

4. For making your face look and feel good.

This is where it really took me by surprise. Thanks to its many different benefits, argan oil has also proven itself as a great ingredient IN cosmetics, with some ranges even dedicated around it entirely. A mascara with it separates and lengthens lashes while also promoting growth and leaving them lovely and soft.

Face products including the oil give all the skincare benefits at the same time as the aesthetic cosmetic benefits, making skin look and feel glowing. Winner.

Look for cosmetics that contain argan oil. Image: iStock.

Why do you love argan oil?

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