The mascara that saved my eyes and stole my heart

Lead image: Caitlin wearing her mascara of choice. 

I’ve had a lot of nicknames in my life. Most are fleeting, like the barristas who call me ‘Kate’ or even ‘Kelsie’ instead of ‘Caitlin’. But some stick around, like ‘cobweb’. No, it’s not meant as an insult, more like a term of endearment from friends I grew up with. I got the name due to my extremely long eyelashes, which apparently look like.. you guessed it… cobwebs.

This genetic mutation meant I missed out on a lot of bonding activities growing up, like gluing on false lashes before a night out or wearing goggles when swimming. It also meant the usual mascaras don’t work on my eyes. They clump, feel too thick or just look ridiculous. Picture a crow on each eyelid, and that was me. Not the most attractive look.

I was constantly in search of the perfect mascara – one that wouldn’t force my eyelashes together in big spiky clumps or end up over my eyebrows when I looked up – and in July, I found it.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara


Benefit released a mascara so perfect I've ditched my glasses and now wear contacts daily just so I can use it all the time. They're Real mascara is designed to separate and display each individual lash - even the tiny ones you didn't know existed.

For someone with ridiculously long lashes, this is absolutely the mascara for you. No clumping, no mascara on your eyebrows, no heavy feather effect. It's so good, I didn't even cringe at the $38.00 price tag.

You'll constantly have people asking if your eyelashes are real, just like the name suggests.

Benefit's They're Real mascara is exclusive to Myer.

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