Swoon: Benedict Cumberbatch has a feminist beef with what his fans call themselves.








Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sherlock star and all-round charming English actor Benedict, 38, just keeps getting better and better. Recently, he got engaged to his love Sophie Hunter, and announced in the newspaper instead of on Twitter. Respect, Benny boy.

A lot of people on the Earth are a little bit obsessed with ol’ Mr Cumberbatch. Fans have a trend these days of naming their collective fanhood. Justin Beiber fans are Beleibers. Katy Perry fans are KatyCats. Nicki Minaj fans are Minaj-a-trois (just kidding, made that up on the spot).

Benedict Cumberbatch fans have named themselves something… interesting.

The CUMBERBITCHES. Woah, guys. Woah.

Benny himself (may we call you Benny?) would like them to change it.

“It’s funny and I’m flattered.” Benny told People magazine. “But on a serious note, come on, give yourself more power as women. Don’t just call yourself bitches! I know it was a joke, and more of an empowering thing. The majority of (the fans) are smart and savvy and just having fun, but it’s getting out there. It sounds a bit rude.”

PREACH! Bless your Benedict socks, Cumberbatch.

We have a list of suggestions. Some have even been suggested by Benedict himself.











Any you would like to add?


An old video of Benedict discussing alternatives to CumberBitches:


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