Ben Fordham the latest celebrity to speak out about Kieren Jack and girlfriend Charlotte Goodlett.

It’s the public family feud almost all of Australia has weighed in on.

Earlier this week, Sydney Swans captain Kieren Jack’s family tensions were exposed, after his mother took to Twitter to express her anger at being banned from attending one of the most important games in his career.

It was rumoured that the tension stemmed from his parents’ disapproval of his girlfriend, Charlotte Goodlett.

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Now, radio personality Ben Fordham has defended Jack and his partner, saying the pair are ‘going through hell at the moment.’


Fordham says Jack’s parents are to blame for the feud, describing the Swans caption as a “superstar…a class act.”

“It seems like Kieren’s mum and dad have got a problem with Kieren’s girlfriend,” Fordham said on Sydney’s 2GB. “There’s problems there within the family. I have been aware of these problems for a long time now.”

He argued, “You won’t find someone better than Charlotte. She’s a good human being and she deserves some respect as well.”

Fordham also claimed that Kieren’s younger brother Brandon was involved in a ‘similar rift’ with their parents.

The radio presenter’s comments come as Jack faced the media yesterday, announcing, “My priorities of support are firmly with my partner and my little brother who I love and care for very much.”

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Today, more fuel has been added to the fire, with the Daily Telegraph reporting Kieren Jack’s mother sent ‘appalling’ texts to Charlotte Goodlett.

The publication claims that Donna Jack became jealous when she ceased to be the main woman in her son’s life.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Radio 6PR, “Donna has said, and texted, the most appalling things to Charlotte, she doesn’t like her and there seems to be no basis for her not liking her.”

“I might add she didn’t like Kieren’s last girlfriend either, so there seems to be a recurring theme here. She needs to take a good hard look at herself.”

Ford told the Daily Mail, “The bottom line is these people are delusional and arrogant to think they would be getting the tickets to go to the game.”

“It’s about free tickets to a game, it’s about wanting to be in the Swans’ enclosure and being wined and dined as the parents of a star player. It is absolutely pathetic.”