Ben Affleck has a giant, terrible back tatt.


Ben Affleck has been pictured bloodied and battered and wearing a hospital gown that gapes open at the back. The injuries aren’t real — he’s on a movie set — but the enormous tattoo covering his entire back apparently is.

The actor and director, 43, appears to have a colourful phoenix rising from his butt the ashes.

He was also sporting some snazzy socks, but let’s focus on the tattoo.

Here are some thoughts I have about it:

This is what happens when you don’t have sensible Jennifer Garner around.

This tattoo is the physical manifestation of a post-divorce, mid-life crisis.

A phoenix, really?



Affleck actually has a couple of other tattoos, which People reports are a fish and skull and crossbones on his right arm and barbed wire across his right bicep.

Ben Affleck has the tattoos of a 60-year-old roadie called Grizzly.

He’s actually expressed his regret over his previous tattoos before.

“I was young. It was fun and cool. I’m sorry now, but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions,” he said in 2000.

Year 2000 Ben Affleck would be shaking his head at year 2015 Ben Affleck.