Ben Affleck snuck into the 2017 Emmys, cementing himself as the perfect boyfriend.


When you’re movie star Ben Affleck, it takes a bit of effort to slip by unnoticed – especially when you’re attending one of the big red-carpet events of the year.

But while attending the Emmys, Affleck managed to do just that. And the reason why he attended the well publicized event under cover of darkness was because it wasn’t his night, it was his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus’s night.

Shookus is a producer on Saturday Night Live, and she was nominated for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. Affleck, who has only been openly dating Shookus since July, went along to the awards as a supportive boyfriend – cheering Shookus on, without stealing her limelight.

Affleck knew that if he walked the red carpet, all the cameras would be on him. So he didn’t. He and Shookus snuck in a side door to the theatre.

Backstage, he let her lead the way.


Affleck took his place beside Shookus in the 15th row, where the non-movie stars sit. Then, when Shookus and the rest of the SNL team were announced as the winners, he jumped up and cheered, and kept standing to let the team file past him. This was the only time he could be seen in the telecast – briefly, in the background of a shot of SNL creator Lorne Michaels.


After the ceremony, Affleck was in full supportive-boyfriend mode backstage.

According to E! News, he held Shookus’s clutch so she had her hands free for the Emmy, he snapped photos of her with her friends and, when she started getting hungry for pizza, he got on the phone to track down a nearby place where they could eat together afterwards.

Okay, so maybe Affleck is just trying to keep his new relationship low-key (sorry if you are, Ben).

Afterall, Affleck split from actress Jennifer Garner in 2015, but they only officially filed for divorce in April this year. They also have three children together, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. Meanwhile, Shookus split from her husband, former SNL producer Kevin Miller, in 2014. They have a daughter.

Whatever the reason behind his actions, Affleck has behaved exactly how you’d want your movie-star boyfriend to behave when you’re the one up for an Emmy.

Nice work. And congrats on the win, Lindsay.

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