Husband posts wife's "belly button trick" online. Finds out it's really a serious problem.

When Redditor Rebelrockstar uploaded this ‘belly button trick’ video, we bet he didn’t expect the reaction he got.

The husband and soon to be father-of-two captioned the short video “Pregnant Wife’s Belly Button,” which shows his wife extending her belly until an unusual, purple-tinged lump pops out.

While the couple probably got a few of the laughs they expected, they were surprised to find a stream of comments voice concern about the off-putting abnormality.

Comments via Reddit.

"That actually looks like a hernia, if that's your wife please get it looked at asap. Today," the comment from knobbly_knees read. While the comment was originally dismissed by Rebelrockstar, he soon returned to the platform with an update. It turns out the "trick" wasn't a trick at all - it was an umbilical hernia.

Comment via Reddit.

Who says you can't get your serious medical ailments diagnosed on the interwebs, right?

Another day, another mystery solved by Internet Heroes.

Have you ever self-diagnosed using the Internet?