Explainer: Why the new diet Belle Gibson's spruiking is terrifying.

Really, it shouldn’t come as a shock that disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson is once again back on the internet and promoting the unproven health benefits of yet another controversial diet. This is, after all, the same woman who lied about having brain cancer to millions of people in order to make herself a fortune. And yet, it’s still shocking to the core that someone with that track record would be so bold.

But according to the Herald Sun, here we are, with Gibson now claiming that the Master Fast System – a 108-day-long “cleanse” – has changed not only her life, but also the colour of her eyes, reduced the size of her tonsils, rid her of a rope worm, and healed teeth cavities.

belle gibson facebook
Belle Gibson in 2015. Source: 60 Minutes.

“I hadn’t felt like this in my entire life," Gibson told a Master Fast System Facebook group where she is listed as Harry Gibson.


“My hazel eyes are starting to change to more green with what seems to be blue underneath,” Gibson wrote, adding she will “never get a filling again.”

The picture accompanying Harry Gibson's profile is an image of the former blogger and cookbook author.

Created by Gino Di Serio, the Master Fast System is a combination of dry fasting, herbal tinctures, kidney tea, psyllium husk and activated charcoal.

"If you have been given a death sentence and without hope, let us teach you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and your situation CAN be turned around no matter what “they” named your dis-ease," Di Serio claims on the Master Fast System website.

"My experience shows only my body has the capability to heal itself with access to the correct “INFORMATION”. I found that no pills, doctors, herbs, food, minerals, vitamins, etc. can ever heal your body," he writes, later adding, "eating and healing do not belong in the same sentence."

Master Fast System creator Gino Di Serio. Source: Facebook.

According to Gibson, through one of the cleanses many recommended enemas, the mum-of-one was able to pass a “huge rope worm” that "was coiled around itself like a spiral about 5 or more times ... I felt such a huge relief and was floating all day afterwards."

Screenshots obtained by The Daily Mail also show Gibson writing, “I love you all, with all I have in me, and all I have to give. You have all saved my life and shown me what happiness and health looks and feels like.”

Since being discovered earlier this week, though, Gibson appears to have deleted the profile.

On Wednesday, the former author was found guilty of deliberately misleading readers of her site and users of her app, The Whole Pantry. A penalty is set to be handed down to Gibson on March 22.