"Is that seriously your evidence?" Inside Belle Gibson's bizarre day in court.


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When Belle Gibson faced court on Thursday, one thing was certain: she sure is forgetful.

The 27-year-old, who was fined $410,000 after breaching consumer law, appeared at the Federal Court in Melbourne this morning after failing to pay the fine.

The disgraced blogger, who claimed she had brain cancer that was cured through using natural remedies plugged in her wellness app, The Whole Pantry, duped her Australian consumers – many of whom had cancer – out of half a million dollars.

Since being issued the fine in 2017, Gibson has not paid a single cent, even after facing several warnings. She claims she simply cannot afford to.

Belle Gibson was given media training in which she allegedly practiced her cancer claims. Post continues after video.

Removing her pink glasses as she started crying on the stand earlier today, Gibson was questioned about her finances as well as her inability to pay back the fine.

But throughout her appearance in court, the cancer con artist was unable to the answer the majority of the court’s questions, often claiming that she “did not remember” or she “didn’t know”.

Basically, the bulk of her answers when questioned about her finances were: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Here, we unpack the five weirdest moments from Belle Gibson’s latest appearance in court:


1. When her earning and her spending just… didn’t add up.

During the hearing, the court heard that Gibson earned $16,000 in 2016 and $20,000 in 2017.

In the past two years, however, financial analysis found that the 27-year-old has spent $91,000.

It just… doesn’t add up.

“I don’t believe your figure is correct,” Gibson responded.

“I would have to see your breakdown.”

Listen: Where did Belle Gibson’s fortune go? Post continues after audio.

2. She spent $13,000… on clothes.

The court also heard that out of the $91,000 Gibson has spent in the past two years, the 27-year-old has spent $13,000 on clothing, accessories and cosmetics alone.

She also spent $45,000 on “discretionary” items.

Well then. 

That certainly explains why she was wearing a brand new $200 dress in court.

3. The $1600 cash deposit in Bali.

In the past few years, Gibson has travelled to the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Africa and Bali.

During her Bali trip, the court heard that $1600 was paid into her bank account to help fund the trip.

Except… Gibson doesn’t know how it got there.

“Is it seriously your evidence that $1600 was deposited into your account, in three deposits in the space of about a week, and you don’t know who deposited it?” Carl Moller for Consumer Affairs asked Gibson.

“I’d have to speculate and I’m not willing to do that,” she responded.

Belle Gibson appeared on 60 minutes after it was revealed she had made false health claims. Image: 60 Minutes.

4. The $3500 cash withdrawal in Collingwood.

Likewise, Gibson withdrew $3500 cash from Collingwood in October. Yet, she couldn't explain why she withdrew the cash or what she used it for.

"Why would you be walking around Collingwood with $3500 in cash?" Moller asked.

"I don't know," Gibson responded. "A lot has happened since then."

5. Her source of income.

Gibson claimed that her only source of income had come from Airtasker.

Just imagine having Belle Gibson help you move a couch down your apartment stairs. Imagine.


Gibson also said that she was helping an elderly woman, "Claire", under an arrangement with the woman's daughter.

"I'm sorry... it's of a personal nature, it's not something I want to be discussing," she replied when questioned about the arrangement with the woman.

"I care about these people," she said, adding she was upset because of her "empathetic nature".

The arrangement with the woman started through online outsourcing skills site AirTasker but Gibson shared she had since been kicked off the platform.

"[I'm] no longer able to use the platform. I'm uncertain why," she said.

The court was last month told forensic accounts examining Gibson's bank accounts had discovered "curious" trading including of crypto-currencies and a Sportsbet account.

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