Belle Gibson was exposed as a liar 9 years ago. Her brother is still angry.

Nick Gibson wants his little sister to go to prison, because he thinks she needs the wake-up call.

It has been nine years since Belle Gibson's lies were revealed, exposing her as a scammer who faked terminal cancer, which she claimed she was healing with healthy eating and alternative medicine. 

In 2015, Belle was living a life of luxury bought with the success of an app and cookbook called The Whole Pantry that was based on a complete fabrication of the truth. 


She claimed to have malignant brain, blood, spleen, uterine, liver and kidney cancers, told people she'd undergone multiple heart surgeries and suffered multiple strokes. Via Instagram she would update her enormous audience about her various health updates, all while claiming to donate hundreds of thousands of her profits to charity.

In April 2015, in an article in the Australian Women’s Weekly she finally admitted to everything with the infamous line "none of it is true". Even her age was fabricated, with Belle blaming a difficult upbringing and series of misfortunate events as the reasoning behind her lies.

Her big brother Nick has been living with the consequences of her fabrications ever since. He calls it guilt by association. 

"I am angry. I don't like the hate word, but sometimes I feel like turning around to her and saying 'Belle, I hate you," Nick Gibson told 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Nick describes their childhood in suburban Brisbane as "happy" and "carefree," and says as children they were "pretty close". 

Nick and Belle as children. Image: 60 Minutes.


In a separate interview earlier this month with ITV's Instagram's Worst Con Artist, he explained that Belle's relationship with their single mother soured during her teenage years, with Belle particularly annoyed that their mother wasn't able to provide her with the amount of spending money she desired. 

Their step-father Andrew Dal-Bello also appeared on the program, explaining, "Natalie did struggle with parenting, she really lost control I believe". 

Before they got together in 2012, Andrew says Natalie was "dating people you and I perhaps wouldn't date...[They] took advantage of Natalie and didn't really give her a lot, but took a lot and some of them did pretty physical harm to Natalie, it was pretty rough times". 

He added that Belle moved out of home aged 13 to live with "an old man" with he himself questioning, "Why would you let a 13 to 15 year old go and live with a man down the road, an old man around a young girl doesn't look too good to me". 


Belle started posting about 'healing' food recipes in 2013 aged 21. Her success, fame and wealth grew from there. 

Her book and associated app were highly successful. Image: Instagram.

"She's stuffed up [my life] real bad," Nick told 60 Minutes. "I've had to go through counselling myself, I don't like to be in public...I've had people come up to me and ask me questions and they think I am like her, when I am nothing like her".


Belle and Nick's relationship has been nothing more than a few texts here and there for many years now, but Nick is still waiting for his apology.

Belle told the world he had autism and was basically non-verbal. Another lie. 

But mainly he feels embarrassed at her failure to actually pay the $410,000 fine she was handed by the Federal Court for duping Australian consumers out of half a million dollars from the sales of her app and book. 

"I just want Belle to come forward and say sorry to the families she's ripped off and hurt, and also pay the fine as she's been asked too."

Belle has appeared in the Federal Court claiming she was unable to pay the fine, despite a financial analysis showing she spent about $91,000 between 2017 and 2019 on clothes, cosmetics and holidays to Bali and Africa. The amount she owes has now ballooned to more than $500,000, and her home was raided twice in 2021 in an effort to try and recoup the money.

Belle Gibson is yet to pay her fines. Image: AAP.

 "She makes me sick. I sit at home and I want to throw up," Nick told 60 Minutes.


"[She has] no respect, [and only] thinks of herself. It's not good enough. Go to prison and have a think about what she's done."

Nick knows his sister hasn't learnt her lesson. 

Speaking to 60 Minutes, he described how Belle raided his garage for their mother's jewellery when she was dying in hospital in 2017. 

When he questioned her on it, she "couldn't say anything...she avoided it all".

He noticed while visiting their mum, even the jewellery she had been wearing on her body while in hospital was suddenly missing.

Nick knows his sister "has a heart when she wants to." He doesn't want to distance himself as her brother altogether, he just wants her to right her wrongs. 


Realistically, though, he knows Belle will "never tell the truth".

Where is Belle Gibson now?

Belle, now 32, is currently living in Melbourne, Australia and has a 14-year-old son named Oliver.

In February, A Current Affair tracked her down to ask about her outstanding fines. 

"I haven't paid things because I can’t afford to," she said.

"I can’t get into the workplace."

In 2019, she claimed to have been welcomed into Melbourne's Ethiopian community with open arms, with a video posted online showing her in traditional dress being referred to by the traditional name Sabontu. 

In the interview, she says she feels "blessed" to be a part of the Oromo community which she says she has been "deeply invested in" for four years. 

"I feel completely adopted by your nation and your people," she said while wearing a traditional headscarf. 

Belle Gibson in 2019, during an interview about her "adoption" by a Melbourne Ethiopian community. Image: Shabo Media.


In the chat, she talked about her volunteer work and raising "large amounts of money" for the Oromo people. 

However, Australian Oromo Community Association president Tarekegn Chimdi told The Australian she was not a registered volunteer, and the group "hadn’t been aware of this woman" or her crimes. 

"She used to come to our meetings regularly and we loved how she showed interest in our people, but the community has pulled out from her after discovering her story," he said.

"It's weird, we interview different people at our events and we thought she was just an Australian girl hanging around. We didn't pick her for the video because she was somebody."

Feature image: 60 Minutes.