"I'm calling it. We have to start putting ourselves first."

Lisa excited at the delivery of her Bellabox.

Sometimes us ladies are guilty of not putting ourselves first.

Like when we happily buy our partner a $300 watch for his birthday but can’t bring ourselves to buy the $50 top we love.

Or when we splurge on our kids and buy them designer brands but won’t go and buy the new work clothes we REALLY need.

Why do we do that?

Well, I’m calling it. This has to stop.

We have to start putting ourselves first.

I made this decision and started to think how I could put myself first every now and then. How could I treat myself? I didn’t want to go overboard, but I thought a once a month treat would be perfect. Once a month, that’s doable, right? Yes, it IS doable. I told myself I was not allowed to be a negative Nancy and I had to insist on putting myself first. And neither are you!

Once a month is doable, realistic and not over the top.

We deserve a once a month treat.

So then I started to think. What could I do once a month that is a treat to myself but not crazy expensive, extravagant or time consuming? This was going to be tough…

I considered a massage…mmmm, $100+ is probably a bit much. What about nails? Again, about $70 and needs fortnightly refills. Not really worth it and I really don’t have the time.

Then, I found it.

Thanks to a tip from a glorious, glorious friend, I found bellabox, and Oh. My. God. It’s perfect.

A beauty box delivered to my door every month. P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Easy – tick

Cheap – tick

Useful – tick

Home delivered – tick.

It’s like all my dreams had come true at once.

I signed up instantly. And as soon as my first delivery had come I knew I had made the right decision.

Just FYI, this is an advertorial for bellabox.

If you really don’t believe me here’s more reasons to treat yourself to a bellabox.

1. It’s not a bill.

I don’t know about you, but bills are the only mail I get. Okay, maybe a birthday card from my Nan once a year and like three Christmas cards from relatives that aren’t on Facebook. But the bellabox is mail you will want to receive. Imagine my surprise when my first bellabox came on a Saturday – right before a night out. It could not have been more perfect.

2. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

No, I am not chirping like a baby bird, I am emphasising the affordability of the bellabox. $15 a month for a box full of beauty samples. Fifteen bucks! Cheaper than any other beauty treatment I know. Without a doubt.


3. Presents!

We are all super women. Super wife, super mum, super working woman and we deserve to be spoilt. Let’s face it, our loved ones aren’t likely to spoil us (at least not regularly) so the bellabox is a perfect way to gift yourself once a month. And it’s in the cutest little blue box. I loved it opening it.

4. The gift that keeps on giving.

Every month, new beauty products. Not only is it an awesome present but it will introduce you to new products to keep your beauty routine in check. You may find a new favourite concealer or a perfect new face scrub. Not only will you love your gift every month but your health and wellbeing will benefit also. You can even give a three, six or 12 month gift membership to your loved ones (cause it’s never too early to think about Christmas).

5. It’s a surprise.

As an adult, even our birthday presents are rarely a surprise. Just once wouldn’t you like to unwrap a gift where you have absolutely NO idea what is inside? What about every month? Because that’s what bellabox is. Let me tell you, the excitement doesn’t fade. Every month, more surprises. It’s like Christmas time as a kid. I love it.

6. It’s individualised.

A lot of beauty boxes are stock standard wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am types. But not bellabox – each month, your box incorporates one product to match your special needs. Every bellabox member gets a chance to voice their beauty concerns and the bellabox team find a product every month to assist you in fixing your beauty mishaps and problems. It’s like a personalised beautician recommendation every month, based on the beauty profile you fill in when signing up.

7. Practicality

Surely I can’t be the only woman with a bathroom drawer full of makeup I’ve hated or beauty products that made my skin flare up? Had I known about bellabox earlier I would have saved thousands. By offering you sample sizes in the bellabox you save the $30 or $50 on buying a product that may not suit your skin or body.

8. Why not?

Seriously, why not? Can you think of a reason? I sure can’t. But if, for some crazy reason, you still needed more convincing, then let me share a secret.

It is bellabox’s third birthday and for the month of October bellabox is offering the Kester Black for nail polishes. Kester Black is Australian made and cruelty free and I know I’ve been hanging to try it. And that’s only one of the surprises that could be waiting at your door. But I won’t give the rest away, I’ll let you see for yourself. I do promise you’ll love it though. I know I do.

How do you like to treat yourself?

bellabox is Australia’s first beauty box service. Created 3 years ago (and just celebrating their sweet three!), they revolutionised the way women discover, trial and shop for beauty. For just $15 a month with free postage, receive a beautifully wrapped selection of deluxe beauty minis delivered to your door and customised to your beauty profile. The bellabox team source, trial and approve every product, every month, and only partner with essential, cult and luxe brands so you only get the best in beauty. Plus, you can cancel at any time. This October, bellabox celebrate their 3rd birthday and they offer an exclusive promotion to new members. Indeed if you sign up now you will get your first box for $10 only instead of $15. Be aware, they sell out their boxes ever month, grab yours before their October boxes are gone! Click right here to sign up now.