Minimalism? Pfft. The statement jewellery brand Aussie celebs are loving.

A few weeks ago during a standard Instagram scroll on the train, I couldn’t help but stop at a photo of Bec Judd. She’s breathtaking at the best of times, but it was her earrings that really grabbed me.

Dangling from her lobes were a fantastic pair of pink and coral coloured, faux diamante encrusted earrings.

A few days later, I came across a picture of Samantha Armytage wearing a similarly fabulous jewel necklace and felt hat decorated with pom poms.

Sure enough, there’s one brand responsible for these incredible accessories.

Introducing the Australian jewellery brand you need to get to know, Bell Frankie + Co.


At a time when minimalism and normcore reigns and everything is about ‘basics’ and ‘classic investment pieces’, Bell Frankie + Co is a big eff you explosion of glitter and sequins.

Founded by two Melbourne-based mums and best friends, Amy Ardlie and Georgie Browne (who are ex-designers for Country Road) the brand has a ‘bohemian luxury’ feel to it. Oh no, timeless and wearable pieces do not have to mean simple and boring. (Post continues after gallery.)

The statement-making range includes earrings, necklaces, hats, bracelets, clutches and sunglasses that mix colour, print and texture to fantastic effect. Designs start at $25.

Add them over a plain white t-shirt and jeans combo for an instant lift, or pair with your favourite evening dress for bling with a difference.

Watch: Our favourite bold looks from celebs so far this year. (Post continues after video.)

To help you along the way (and definitely not being self-indulgent ourselves…), we’ve picked out the five pieces we’re currently coveting.

1. Mila Tassle Clutch in Silver, $100

Fluoro and sequins and tassels, oh my!


Image: Bell Frankie & Co

2. Willow Bracelet in Fuschia, $25

Looks even better stacked with multiple beads and bracelets from your collection.

Image: Bell Frankie & Co

3. Gigi Earring in Pink, $55

We may not be Bec Judd, but we can have her earrings.


Image: Bell Frankie & Co

4. Bespoke Fedora, $95-140

These are created bespoke for each customer, so you can let your creativity and love of fluffy pom-poms run free.

Image: Bell Frankie & Co

5. Elsa Necklace, $140.

Colourful and sparkly, this one will appeal to your inner magpie and/or child. We're also hoping the fabulous Margarita Necklace ($40) comes back into stock soon.

Image: Bell Frankie & Co

Feature image: Instagram/@becjudd.

What's on your accessories wish list at the moment?

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