The 11 daily struggles unco people know all too well.

Image: J-Law. She’s one of us. (via ABC)

More bruises than you can count, trouble wearing white clothing, actively avoiding wearing heels… welcome to the day in the life of a woefully ununcoordinated human being.

The list doesn’t end there, however. Here are 11 struggles all un-co people know to be true.

1. Ball sports are your nemesis…

You spend the whole time hoping your teammates don’t pass the ball to you, because you know you’ll drop it (or you won’t even catch it in the first place).

2. So is beach cricket.

A 'fun' game of beach cricket turns into an awkward form of torture as everyone waits for you to make bat-to-ball contact... and it doesn't happen.

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3. You know it's possible to trip on flat surfaces.

Tripping for no reason at all is very real to you. You've had to explain that, "No, seriously, I really did just trip over my own feet" one too many times.

4. You also know trips come in threes.

You trip once and then you know, you just KNOW there are two more coming... (Post continues after gallery.)

 5. Being told "oh, you're such a character".


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6. Also being told "At least you have a fun/interesting story to tell".

Please. I've got, like, 20.

7. Running is an ordeal.

You understand the importance of loading a pre-programmed playlist on your phone before a run, because you will definitely stack it on the pavement if you glance at your phone.

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8. You're always desperate to secure a spot at the back of a gym class.

Getting pulled to the front of an exercise class is your idea of a nightmare. Spin class, body pump, step, it doesn't matter — you've learned the art of fighting your way to secure a spot at the back of it.

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9. You fail at dance class.

You're that one person in dance class who is consistently a beat or two behind everyone else. There is just no way around it.

10. Your friends know to warn you of any upcoming steps or stairs.

Falling down stairs is a common occurrence… but you’ve also fallen up the stairs.

11. Cooking is hard.

Really hard. 'First degree burns from cooking a roast dinner' hard, in fact. The struggle is real.

Are you unco? What's your biggest grievance?