Mamamia Confessions: The most crushing rejections we've ever received.

Putting yourself out there for someone is tantamount to jumping out of the plane.

Leading up to it, nothing can even begin to calm your nerves. There’s a constant back and forth of whether it’s actually a good idea. Whether this is the right way to face your fears.

Once you’re in the plane, you’re constantly checking that you’re not actually risking your life.

Then the moment comes. The moment of faith, when you put your heart out there for someone.

For some, that moment will be incomparable and all your fears instantaneously evaporate. You’ll be asking yourself after, “How come I haven’t been doing this my whole life?”

For others, the moment of faith is crushing. Choosing to jump out of the plane wasn’t just a mistake, but only made your fears worse.

Most of us have experienced the latter and not only has it been brutal, but ensured we have not dared show our face in public for at least a week.

Excuse us while we grab the tissues to deal with the embarrassment all over again.

This is a safe space so tell us, what’s the most crushing rejection you’ve ever received?

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