Three big misconceptions about being in your 20s.

There are a whole lot of stereotypes floating around out there about being in your 20’s and there are often not a lot of truths to them.

My 23-year-old girlfriend got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last week and it threw me for six.

Why? Because if you had to ask me which one of my friends would have been the least likely to be diagnosed with any kind of illness, it would have been her. She exercises daily, never leaves the house without a hat and sunscreen and I’ve never seen her touch a piece of cake in as long as I’ve known her.

But you know what this experience has made me realise? There are a whole lot of stereotypes floating around out there about being in your 20s and there are often not a lot of truths to them. Everyone’s got such a distinct idea of what your 20s are supposed to look like – that you should be full of energy, vibrant and healthy – when in actual fact, being in your 20s doesn’t exempt you from anything.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Lights by Tena. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Here are some of the things you’re not exempt from, even if you are in the early years of adult life.

1. Responsibility

I don’t know where everyone came up with this idea that your 20s are meant to be this carefree decade of little responsibility. The years where you can happily go out drinking all night, sleep all day and fritter away all your money on silly things without a care in the world.

These days, all the 20-somethings I know are seriously worried about their futures. So they’re saving their money. They’re getting two or even three different university qualifications. They’re signing up to do a thesis or a masters program. They’re interning at a bunch of different places while also working and trying to get awesome uni grades.

I think the last time I went out and got drunk was… at the beginning of April. It’s now mid-June and I’m stuck in a pile of never-ending economics exams. There just hasn’t been time to be completely carefree this semester. Seriously, bring me the wine.

2. Health issues

There are so many health problems that are incorrectly perceived by society to be reserved for older people. As well as my friend who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, some of my 20-something friends have struggled with problems such as infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid problems and light bladder weakness.

Health problems such as these can lead to serious shame and embarrassment. In the more extreme cases, anxiety over these health problems can result in depression and a reduced enjoyment of life.


The main problem is, of course, that nobody wants to admit to the health problems they have. Especially when society assumes that these problems would never affect someone so young.

Take bladder weakness, for example. It’s far more common than you think, and affects millions of Aussie females every year. Yet how many of you would put your hand up and admit to the symptoms if you had them? It’s so much easier to try and ignore the problem rather than actually address it.

Bladder weakness can be caused by pregnancy, but it’s also caused by obesity and exercise. If you do have symptoms, there are plenty of options available to treat bladder weakness – options that mean the leaks will become less frequent, less serious or even stop completely.

You might find yourself somewhere completely new – with absolutely no friends at all.

There are subtle but effective ways you can work towards managing bladder weakness. Spend a little time each day doing pelvic floor exercises, and protect yourself with a light but powerful bladder leakage liner that will keep you dry, fresh and stress-free.

3. Loneliness

Many people are under the impression that being in your 20s means that you’re a complete social butterfly. You’re young, you’ve accumulated a steady stream of friends through work or university, and you can happily go out and socialise every night of the week without any issues.

For some, this couldn’t be further from the truth. During your 20s, you might move away from your hometown and find yourself somewhere completely new – with absolutely no friends at all. Or you might find yourself drifting away from your usual group of friends, with no life raft to pull you back into the warm comfort of an old friendship circle. A lot of people change rapidly during their 20s, and this can mean the loss of some of your lifelong friends.

The other thing? If you’re not in a serious relationship, the sting of being alone can be especially difficult. Seeing everyone else coupled-up while you struggle to tie down a second date isn’t nice at all. Believe it or not, there are plenty of heartbroken 20-somethings out there.

If you’re in your 20s and starting to panic about your looming 30’s, here is some advice from some of our favourite Hollywood stars about ageing you might find handy.

What did you find hard about being in your 20s, and what advice would you give to 20-year-olds today?

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