12 reasons being an aunty is the greatest job in the world.

By KATE LEAVER (AKA Aunty Katie)

Making a teeny-tiny human is the greatest thing your brother/sister ever did. They didn’t do it for you, obviously. But sometimes, in a perfect moment with your niece/nephew on your lap, it feels like maybe they kind-of did.

When my nephew, Charlie, puts his little hand in mine, the whole world makes sense. His existence is joy.


Here’s why having a nephew or niece is the best.

1. You didn’t realise you could fall in love with another human this fast.

Also, you didn’t know that humans really came this small. Look at those toes! They’re not real toes! They can’t be real toes!

Me with my nephew Charlie, the day he arrived.

2. You develop a totally new appreciation for nap time.

And how much your sanity depends on getting enough sleep.

3. You get to watch your sibling become a parent.

Parenthood looks good on the people you love.

My nephew + my bro.

4. You get to bring back the Australian Women’s Weekly cake book.

Show me a better catered party than a 1-year-old’s, and I’ll crash it.

My nephew’s grandma, PomPom, made this.

5. You remember not to take yourself too seriously.

Keeping kids entertained makes you do very stupid things. But god it feels good to make them giggle.

Getting into a suitcase: Never not funny.

6. You learn to be honest with your emotions, because kids always are.

Upset? Sad? Happy? Tell your face.

7. You know once and for all that family is everything.

The family you’re born into, the family you acquire, the family you choose, the family made up of your best friends. Nothing. Else. Matters.

8. You discover that your heart always have more room for love.

Little faces are sometimes almost too cute to look at directly.

9. You enjoy road trips again because you’ve got good company.

And we laughed and we laughed.

10. You find yourself wishing you were seeing everything for the very first time.

Hello, world. Let’s be friends.

Charlie and my dog, Lady Fluffington.

11. You get a little try at parenting, but then you get to give them back to their actual parents.

Practice will still make imperfect parenting when you get your turn, but you’ll feel so much more prepared.


But only when they want them. Babies are like cats that way.

Did I miss anything? Why do you love being an aunty or an uncle?

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