Confessions of super (tired) mums.

As a sleep consultant I work with fatigued families daily. As a twin mum I know exactly how crazy you can get without sleep.

I can clearly remember when my twins were only a few weeks old and I was right in the thick of constant feeding and pumping. I was set up and ready to pump.

"As a sleep consultant I work with fatigued families daily." Image via iStock.

Hands free bra on, bowl of muesli, 10 minutes to get the job done. Pumping away pumping away. Next minute I think “oh sh*t the bottles are leaking!!!” I look down and realise I didn’t attach any bottles! Just pumping away all over my lap, wasting liquid gold and time in the name of exhaustion.


After sharing my tired mum moment I asked my followers to finish this sentence - once I was so tired I … the answers are hilariously relatable.

So grab a cuppa and enjoy a giggle with your fellow mums and their tired moments.

- Tried to breastfeed my 3.5 year when he climbed into bed. My husband said, “Ermm what are you doing? Wrong son.”

- I was so tired I poured an old bottle into new formula tin instead of down the sink.

Being a tired mum looks a little like this (Post continues after the video)...

- I went to empty a cup of water into the bin today instead of the sink!

- My best was locking my husband outside and taking our son to swimming lessons! He had no way back in and left his phone inside…on a rather hot day.

- I poured milk into my NutriBullet to make a smoothie but forgot to screw the bottom part, so it poured straight through onto the floor.

- I tried to stick the dummy into my newborns ear.


- I fell asleep with my shoes on.

Did I forget to take off something? Image via iStock.

- Text weird sentences in my sleep while recording feed times.

- My husband put my vitamins and prenatal supplement on the bedside whilst I was feeding our twins in bed. As I was drifting off to sleep I realised I forgot to take my pills, I reached over in the dark and grabbed two of the biggest ones and my water. Didn’t realise until I tried to swallow them - they were actually my earplugs.

- I used icing sugar instead of flour to crumb chicken.


- Just tried to shave my leg with my toothbrush. My husband reversed the car into the garage door. Oh and I went to put the dummy in my mothers mouth! Instead of the baby she was holding. Funny ONLY in hindsight.

- I tried to open the front door of our house with the car unlock button. Once I was inside I found the milk in the pantry and the weetbix in the fridge.

- I walked out to the mailbox with my boobs out after feeding my twins.

- I got in the shower fully clothed.

- Remote control in the fridge, pumped 120mls then poured it down the duck instead of my tea…lost 3 pairs of sunglasses in 3 days.

- Put milk in my glass and water over my cereal.

Oops, the milk's supposed to be in the bowl not the cup.

- Accidentally fell asleep pumping at 2:30am-4:45am… On one side.

- Put the cling wrap in the freezer and the leftovers in the draw.

- Put my breast pad on the wrong way, the sticky part was sticking to my nipple. Ouch.

- Still had my boob out from a feed, Bub started crying so I picked up her dummy. After a good minute I realised she was still crying. I looked down and I wasn’t giving her the dummy…I was giving it to my nipple!

- I gave the same twin Panadol twice. I have boy/girl twins- how could I mistake them? The poisons lady says it happens all the time.

This post originally appeared on The Routine Mama.