"I didn't want to give the baby up." Women share what it's really like to be a surrogate mother.

Being a surrogate mother for someone can undoubtedly change their life, but can also have profound effects on the women who choose to offer to do it.

Carrying another person’s baby to term is an incredible gift and, as with any pregnancy, it’s different for everyone.

More than 20 women have candidly described shared their experiences of surrogacy via secret-sharing website Whispr; some loved it, some hated it, and some were left heartbroken after handing over the newborn.

“I’m a few days away from giving birth to this baby,” one woman wrote.

“I loved her more than I planned. The thing is, I’m a surrogate. This selfless act is turning into the most selfish thoughts.”

A few of the anonymous submissions (post continues after gallery):

Another woman admitted that offering her womb to someone else was was her “biggest regret”.

“I was a surrogate. it’s my biggest regret in life even if I made someone else’s dreams come true. I got nightmares,” she wrote.

But the experience for several women carrying babies for their loved ones was significantly different.

“I was a surrogate for my cousin who can’t have babies,” one wrote.

“Sure, I have stretch marks now but she was worth every one.”

"This selfless act is turning into the most selfish thoughts."

Similarly, another woman acted as a surrogate for her sister and loved every second of it.

"Doing this for her is the least I could do after everything she's ever done for me," she wrote.

Many talk about the reactions of friends, family and prospective partners.

"My boyfriend disagrees with my decision to be a surrogate for my family members. I don't know how to deal with it," one shared.

"It's crazy how much judgement you get," confided another.